Sand Castle


Sand Castles -Artist Deborah Chapin

Will the answers come if we sit upon the rocks and wait?
Perhaps some meaning does come later
 for all those words we usually fail to say?
Not being eternal, our bad choice is keeping silent.
Not being perfect the error would be to think we might be right.
Is it only you? Is it only I, who stirs the pot to boiling
and adds another log upon the fire?
Is it timing or the stars or chemicals, low sugar tides
that pull you out or pull me out, over our heads
and drown us in a rage?
Are you the driftwood churning in these waters still afloat?
Are you the stone that splits in two against my rock and
then worn smooth, we stay inert, a pile of dark-grained sand?
Is it I who’s cruel and is not Life an on-going teacher?
Is it you who’s good and caring, your  first- aid kit always filling with compassion?
Who’s the bad one? Who’s the good? Who wears the villain’s part so well?
Who is innocent and who has the sympathy of the crowd that may be watching?  
Is it you, or I or the planets laughing down upon us;
just when we try to build our best, it all turns into sand?

Karima Hoisan
December 9th 2013
Costa Rica

*Footnote on the Print I used above: Quoting the artist…..
“Sand Castles original painting was painted on location in Brittany. The two children scooping up the sand tried very hard to make the sand look more like a castle but to no avail.  However,  I gave them credit for effort.”
(The poet smiles:)

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11 Responses to Sand Castle

  1. daleinnis says:

    Well said, as always. 🙂 The joy is in the building, even if it does ultimately turn to sand…


  2. Smiles…I 100% agree with you Dale!


  3. Delightful scene and the words are colorful.Thank you so much for visiting my blog.Wishing you the best.


  4. Hoyt Heron says:

    “Who is to blame?” As thought, that is as old as mankind. It has been contemplated and written about in every language. You have, as always, said it well Miss Karima. Two pieces of creative art by Karima and Deborah.


  5. Yes, the “blame game” We seem to be hard-wired to somehow think we are usually right, which makes it very interesting interacting as we humans do:) Thank you Hoyt for getting my poetry:)


  6. Steve Rogers says:

    I like the physics of this… it’s almost a Periodic Table of the Elements of emotions and attitudes and awareness… I always find it easy to empathise with poems that lack ego, and I think this one does.


  7. What a cool take on this poem Steve. A Periodic Table…indeed! I think ego doesn’t work when two people are really trying to build a castle..even and especially if it’s made from sand:)


  8. Karima, as lovely a poem as the beauty of nature…

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