Going Around & Coming Around at the End of 2013

About a year ago I wrote these lines as part of a longer poem lamenting the decline of Second Life (as I saw it… 🙂 See post SLip Away)

“I  found myself with a Blues Club in New Toulouse 1920′s New Orleans. 
I was still new enough to find each night had a rainbow lining 
that titillated, rustling like my petticoats.
 It moved me to feeling and to sensuality; 
that’s when I felt it all became so much more real. 
I could smell the floorboards, the dockside freighter’s rusty hulls, 
and Tom Waits sang over the stream, while I danced with lovers,
 those tangos, sexy number 4,  cheek to cheek, and slow dance number 3.” (2008)

I became all nostalgic for the good ol’ days when I had a little bar called “Kari’s Bar and Dance “in New Toulouse.

The original poster from 2008

The original poster from 2008 with the “original me”

Then…something that never happens in Real Life, and rarely happens in Second Life happened just as the year was turning to a close… The mayor of New Toulouse, Henri Godenot, “tricked me” into going and just”taking a look” at my old lot. Against all odds, (as I left in 2010) there was this sign (the original poster above) hanging out in front, and Henri had dragged out some posters and it looked like my bar was trying to come back from the dead…. all on its own. I was so moved, I took the offer to bring it all the way back, changing some very retro booths to better ones (Thanks to a magic couple) and receiving some cash gifts to make it the moody n dark funky club it was before, but hopefully a bit better than it was 3 years ago.


Surveying the dance floor -lighting by Nat:)

As soon as I figure out how to load a modern-Dance Ball, I hope to get those retro dances off the floor and maybe bring back live shows in the new year. What does the new “Kari’s Bar and Dance” offer? My goal is to make the best stream of romantic and chill music that fits this dockside warehouse. I will hand pick the best dances to lose yourself in the mood.  Romantic and very “Vetrriano”  this club from the beginning was a long time fantasy of mine..I share it with all who look for a little secluded place to dance and romance and listen to some really fine music. In 2014, I hope to have a few live shows monthly and give a poetry reading…on a full moon night:)


Entertaining a tiny friend..in my office

Come visit soon. It’s still a bit under construction…but I would love to share it with all of you. Here is the speedy Hansom cab to get you to the front door.
“Kari’s Bar and Dance”


Natksers and I breaking in the dance floor:)

Have the Happiest and Safest Holiday Season!


Come dance a bolero for the holidays!

Thank you everyone, who has welcomed me back and for my friends who have given me so much support and love about this project. Sometimes Time..CAN go backwards!


“ahh..feet up after a long day..heaven”


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4 Responses to Going Around & Coming Around at the End of 2013

  1. Welcome home, Kari. 🙂


  2. This sounds delightful, Karima. You know we’ll come round to have a dance!
    Meilleurs voeux, mon amie !


  3. daleinnis says:

    Having missed it the first time around, I’m glad to have the chance to experience it now! Such a smoky exotic atmosphere…


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