Scottius! The One and Only Otter in My Life

Scottius- Opening Day on "The Docks"

Scottius- Opening Day on “The Docks”

I admit it! I love an otter..I love his talent, his humor, his loyalty, creativity, his amazing art and his great wardrobe. That is why I was so pleased to see the latest Drax File was dedicated to him, the one and only Scottius Polke (Scott Rolfe )
My Sim is filled with his Art,my years since 2008, filled with such great memories of times we shared, and my own poetry has been many times inspired by him or his works. One time in particular, his installation, “The Docks” moved me so, I stayed paralyzed in a rocking chair there for maybe six hours,while a poem was being born about it. In the video there are a few pictures I took and some snips of the words of the poem, below them as captions. For those interested in reading the whole poem click here: “The Docks”
Now I proudly present, The Drax Files- World Makers- Episode 15:Scottius
It was time that this very special otter was honored with such a video!
Drax did a great job, and Scottius shone in both lives:) Blows a kiss to her fave otter…
Enjoy…and pass it on., This too makes me so proud to be part of our beloved Second Life.

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4 Responses to Scottius! The One and Only Otter in My Life

  1. Scottius says:

    Thanks so much Kari for sharing the video about how SL has ottered the state of my mind. The Docks was a special build to me, and the fact that you created your wonderful poem from it gives the build extra meaning and depth, and really highlights the strengths of this medium.


  2. Ohh sorry I didn’t comment on your comment Scottius..Ah, your wonderful build, “The Docks” hypnotized me into poetry. It was a very profound experience,one that I have never had before or since. I love what you say in the video:
    “Second Life is, contrary to the public perception, not a place where lonely people ignore each other; it is a meeting of minds for creative folks!”
    I think we all prove this in our daily Second Life existences.. Thank you eternally for sharing your amazing gifts and talents with us all. Big hugs!


  3. joeysl says:

    Karima, I am so glad you shared this video, even if it’s an “old” one I just discovered it and I love both Scottius’ art and your poem (what a wonderful voice!). Keep it up 🙂


  4. Hugs cool you clicked this link and brought it all right back to life..Scottius is amazing..!


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