Rez Day Impromptu at Kari’s Bar and Dance

Planning on doing nothing, is sometimes the best way to have fun!
We proved that last night as we “impromptuly” celebrated not only my Rez Day but also MJ Zaurak’s (one year younger)
at my new club in New Toulouse. By the time someone remembered to pull out a camera, it was winding down, but thanks to Gamma Infinity (once again!) I can share a few pictures with all. I hope to do something like this again…and again
, and hope YOU make it to the next one:)

What style!

What style!

makes note to buy new shoes...and feet!

makes note to buy new shoes…and feet!


Luna and the Rez Day Girl..MJ!


Steppin into the picture…Rudy & Maggie


Rudy & Maggie looking good!!


Monsieur. Bob showing off some real style!


WOOOOOOOT! Lawrence & Karima lighter than air


Gamma & Shesa A-GLO


Prettiest lil’ Jellyfish in all o’ New Toulouse!

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4 Responses to Rez Day Impromptu at Kari’s Bar and Dance

  1. Looks like you have had a great time:) Darn, I missed it


  2. Luna Branwen says:

    MJ and I were both really happy for the impromptu party at your place! It was delightful to help celebrate your rezz day as well as the reopening of your wonderful venue at New Toulouse! I appreciate your friendship and admire your creativity and work very much, Kari! xoxo


  3. Ohh Luna, so glad you came and made the celebration that much more special! Right back at you my friend, fellow poet, and true-blue friend..Hugs and gratitude for you too in my SL:)


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