Tukso Okey @ Kari’s Bar and Dance~ Grand Reopening! Jan. 17th 9pmslt


Poster by Scottius Polke – Orginal Tukso Poster by Menubar Memorial (tweaked by Padula Bing:)

If memory serves me well, it was the very same musical genius, Tukso Okey, who played the last Live show at my bar in March of 2010, Sooo……it’s very fitting that he will be the first to play for the reopening on Friday, January 17th, 9pmslt.
Kari’s Bar and Dance reopens in the pre-Mardi Gras mood, and I cordially invite you all to join us and have some fun getting into theme too. Kari’s is loosely set in the 1920’s-30s of  New Orleans. I say loosely, because the music of Tom Waits can be heard blaring from the porches. There are no RP police in New Toulouse, so you can come as you are, but if you feel in the mood, dress up in style and enjoy an hour of the amazing Tukso Okey, “Groove Master” Exceptional, and get in the groove with us all.
Here are some many posts, videos, and pictures I have blogged about Tukso in the last 3 or 4 years. Take a peek at a few:
Tukso on Rez Day Video “Flux Capacitor” Karima & Tukso   Train Ride Down Video   Why I Stay Up Too Late  Tukso & The Mistaken Paparrazi  Tukso Tukso Tukso!

“Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez”

And here is your swift transport to put you right inside Kari’s Bar and Dance:
Landmark to Kari’s
Hope to see you all there on this Friday at 9pmslt! It’s going to be a good time for ALL!

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