Fun Times Saturday in New Toulouse 12 noon slt Big Parade! Live Music At Night!

Poster by Lawrence

Poster by Mr Lawrence James

Why do I love to live in New Toulouse Sl? Why did I come back? Well days like tomorrow Saturday Feb. 15th are some of the reasons why?
We are having a Big Parade tomorrow to start off the day at noon, and Creatures Great and Small is our theme. From Krakens to The Toad King and everything in between. To make sure I don’t misquote Miss Nikita Weymann, who has All the information, I will just paste it all here like she wrote it down:

Krewe Bayou Parade: A Guide for the Perplexed

WHAT: It’s a parade through the city, with self-powered participants! That means you bring and ride your own horse, bike, rollerskates, or whatever. Simply walking is fine too! More than one person can share a carriage or something. Really, it’s up to you—just please try to keep things semiplausible for the era (1900-1925).

WHEN: Krewe members should be in the city and ready by 11:30 AM SLT this Saturday, February 15, 2014. The parade kicks off at 12:00 noon and should be over by 1:00 PM.

WHERE: We’ll begin at the French Market/riverboat dock area and parade through the streets. Don’t worry—the streetcar will be taking some time off! Landmark for Parade

WHO: You, dressed to reflect this year’s theme of Wild and Wonderful Creatures! This is open to interpretation, but something about your costume (and/or choice of vehicle, if applicable) should call to mind a wild animal or a mythical beastie of some kind. Please, no particle emitters or “bead throwers”!

HOW: Everybody form up behind the band and follow it around. It should be relatively easy, since part of the band will be a monstrous trombone creature (Quiet Wonder) that can see over the tops of many of the buildings! Before the start, Quiet will also distribute parade throws for you to give out to folks along the way.

WHY: We aim to have chaotic fun in a relatively orderly fashion!

AND: You are all the royal court. Check your Krewe Bayou title dropdown to find some added options. And if you wish a specific title (Toad King and King Walksintowalls are taken), contact Niki and let her know.

ALSO: February 15 is National Hippo Day in SL. Make of that what you will.

Then after the parade and the fireworks display and people go home to take showers…
at 7pmslt ,
Kari’s Bar and Dance is proud to present our Live Show featuring the very popular and talented Blues virtuoso,
Jimmyt49 Dukes.

Poster by Scottius Polke

Poster by Scottius Polke

Friends and Neighbors and Strangers and Parade Revelers,
Come to this great after Valentine’s Day and after The Krewe Bayou Parade Dance with Live musician and Blues maestro JimmyT49 Dukes.
Hearts, romance, silliness, costumes, and Mardi Gras colors are encouraged. Hope to see all friends and neighbors and the public at large there Saturday Feb. 15th at 7pmslt.
After Jimmy’s set there will be Zydeco, Hud dancing, the usual Kari’s spontaneous FUN!
Don’t Miss This One!
“Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez”

Click here for a carriage to The Front Door of Kari’s

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