Samedi Gras Parade 2014 ~ The Movie!

New Toulouse can be proud!
On Saturday March 1st, the wonderfully creative citizens pulled off a glorious extravaganza of color and imagination, in the Mardi Gras Tradition.
This fun-filled video, shot in extreme conditions of lag, by our own Natascha Randt, can maybe say it better than I can. Watch and Enjoy! A roster of all the Krewes follows below! Thank you Nat once more for these memories!

The Queen’s Float bears the queen of this Year’s Mardi Gras, Soto Hax. Soto is recognized for her tremendous scripting assistance to New Toulouse and for creating smiles wherever she goes. In her first royal act, Soto tried to pardon all of the criminals in New Toulouse, but she couldn’t find them. The queen’s float was designed and built by Armand of Amadeo’s Artifacts.

The Krewe of the Articulate float celebrates the waters of New Toulouse and the bayou. It is a paddle boat design, mounted with the egret and powered by articulated paddles, propeller, and flaming steam. This float was crafted by Armand of Amadeo’s Artifacts, and you might see the beautiful OtherJane, the lovely Pandora, or the stunning Bianca Solderini riding along with him.

Krewe des Zombies was formed for the 2009 New Toulouse Mardi Gras and has paraded in a number of New Toulouse parades ever since. This year’s float humorously portrays a sleeping bayou birdwatcher, missing the most beautiful birds in the bayou. The birdwatcher is Mayor Henri Godenot, and the beautiful birds are played by Karima Hoisan, Dale Innis, and Amira Kevoli.

Jake Wikifoo, the captain of the Krewe des Flambeaux, has been captaining a float in New Toulouse since before he could drive. He commands the powerful Flambeaux float, and like Professor Longhair’s poor little Junco, goes a-wobblin’ all over the street. You might not want him to drive under your balcony!

The Krewe des Horreurs was formed when a group of zombies threw up their hands and shouted “Quelle horreur!” when they saw they way their brethren were being massacred by anybody with a firearm in the bayou. They decided to band together and show that they were not animals, they were human beings … or what remained. They decided to give up biting for Lent and just try to be respectable citizens of New Toulouse. Some of the riders of Krewe des Horreurs are Pazzo Pestana, Gibley Goldblatt, and Iovanka Milena

The Krewe of Bast is one of the oldest krewes in New Toulouse, having been instrumental in organizing the first parade, in 2009. Bast rode again in 2010, then went mysteriously undercover for a couple of years, returning to parade in 2013 and 2014. Just as the Egyptian goddess Bast is the Eye of Ra, her krewe members see their function as protectors of New Toulouse. This year’s theme is “Alley Cats.” Float riders will include Nikita Weymann (krewe captain), Jimmeh Obolensky, Liza Veliz, and Aodhan; Kristine Jinx-Kristan and Silky Grimknot may also ride. Throws this year will include beads and lucky coins.

Mirri Rosca rides high in the beautiful Gumbeaux Krewe float. Her float was built by the very talented Armand, of Amadeo’s Artifacts. It is a stunning homage to the beautiful work of the great master Boudreauxcelli. Mirri portrays the lovely Venus, rising from a steaming bowl of oyster gumbo. When in New Toulouse, visit Mirri’s Gumbo House, for a dish you’ll never forget.

Krewe des Avalon is a new crew formed in 2014. This year’s float depicts Dr. Avalon as a knight, protecting the patient from the Dragon of Disease. On the other end of the float, Nurse Alycia Blaylock has a dragon-sized lance, ready to give her brand of medicine to any patient that needs it.

New Toulouse….you Always let “The Good Times Roll”

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4 Responses to Samedi Gras Parade 2014 ~ The Movie!

  1. Yohoho! It was a soo fun and great event! With many nice people there. And a super after parade party at Kari’s Bar and Dance. YAY!


  2. daleinnis says:

    Woot, Nat is amazing! 🙂 So quick, and captured the crash (and even herself!) and the general fun so well…


  3. She really is, and thank you Dale for being that smiling pink bird atop the tree:)


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