Only The Muse


“Comatose would be my choice….

Let me sleep until I write, ” My dreams are spun in you.”
Comatose would be my choice if never more a verse burst from my loins.
Barren in this wasteland, dried up floundering on the sand,
don’t poke me with, “It will be all right.” Just let me sleep it off,
until I pick up a pen and write a memory or a love song.

Agony is when you’re near the end, sustained by drops into your veins.
When a poet’s drying up, the nurse is never found and empty bottles
swing and sway above her in the breeze-less room.
Choking on the vacuum, eyes searching and never finding, fading,
not a tube could save her life tonight, not one measure from ordinary means.

Yes, I prefer the darkness, the day shut down, and I am left alone.
This is how I try to woo my lover, to give me gifts of flowing words.
She comes because she wants to, not because of me, for my summons’s never heard,
but poetry is on her lips, and in her arms she brings me treasures, just because.

Only the muse can wake me. Only her lips can start my heart to beat.
Lover like no other, take me away from the sterile white of static sickness.
I drink from you, I drink from you, all else is  frozen in its place, like death turned dust,
because in your arms I come to life with that first line pressed wet into my depths

And when you ask,”Are you still my poet?” I cry out,”You know I am. Oh yes!

Karima Hoisan
February 28, 2014
Costa Rica

 * The image used is entitled, “acry431-13-70×74-750.jpg 2014 by Coma

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8 Responses to Only The Muse

  1. Maria says:

    Beautiful, Karima!


  2. Hoyt Heron says:

    So… The word well runs dry, leaving an emptiness in the reservoirs, and then, thunder heads abound above bringing abundant moisture and filling up the well and reservoirs. And if that is not enough…the above poem speaks of the clouds (the muse) that brings to us yet another prolific piece of prose delivered by Karima Hoisan! I cannot tell you how proud and in awe I am of you!


    • Thank you Hoyt for leaving me this beautiful comment. Sometimes the only way to get out of a dry spell is to add your own water..In my case, the muse plays a very important role in that. She brings me the first line..without the first line…well the drought prolongs… Thank you for being such a supportive friend in all I do. It means a lot.


  3. Scottius says:

    So true Karima…Definitely words that should resonate with anyone who has gone through the dreaded dry spell. Thanks for sharing this.


  4. daleinnis says:

    I love how you (um, blush) eroticize the creative process. Quite correctly! 🙂 All connected at a deep level, and so well expressed here…


  5. Yes, odd but true, there is that connection..and then that muse..the illusive lover..who comes when she manipulating the muse. Don’t even try! Thank you Dale for your enjoyment and support of my poetry:)


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