The Final Battle! 100 Seconds of Outtakes and Silliness

When Natascha sent me this little clip of some of the many outtakes that usually reach the trash and rarely reach me, after our movie is completed,  I had absolutely nothing to do that night, so I decided to go into Garage Band and put together a little sound track for it.
I sent it back to Nat and she added her intro and credits. Voilá! a very short short was born from our original entry to the MadPea, The Trekking Pea Challenge entitled:
 “A Winter’s Trek”
Imp played by Natascha Randt
Toad played by Karima Hoisan
The Final Battle is…..well, push play and see who won:)

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9 Responses to The Final Battle! 100 Seconds of Outtakes and Silliness

  1. daleinnis says:

    haha love it! And they interact so convincingly, too…


  2. From something like this, legends and myth are born… Long ago when the world of wonders was buried in snow…the last two of the most famous heroes fight the final battle when the frog rain began to fall….eeeeeepic 🙂


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  4. Ha ha ha ha Nat!!! Let’s just say THAT:)


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    That was one heck of a fight. Natascha held her own, although you had size on her. Very convincing. Luckily the two of you are friends and actors.


  6. Glad you liked our Epic Fight Hoyt!! I think that was the battle to end All battles:)


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