Laughter…The Best Rx


“Listing starboard, falling down upon the floor…”

When you touch that funny bone, it’s wriggle squiggle giggle.
Too bad if you can’t catch a breath,
stuck with a heaving belly, crinkly tears of merriment
you’re laughing yourself to death.
Listing starboard, falling down upon the floor,
sardonic grins look pan- faced glum compared to what your face becomes.
“Oh Stop!” “Don’t you even look my way, I’ll shame my name
by spitting irreverently on the floor.
Don’t say that one word anymore. I will die laughing.
I will. I’m going to die laughing!”

I can’t catch my breath, my silliness, for sure, will be my death.
Trying to pull myself together, this is not the place for this,
I’m thinking of the lottery, shopping lists, and weather,
still tittering, sniggering cackling, oh no I’m chortling!
I’m serious now…but when I see that scene again;
the cow and how and pow…the paper’s called “The Morning Omelette?”
It just hits my funny bone. I’m one hysterical jiggle, higgle, giggle.
If you tickle me I know I’ll blow into a thousand rapid-fire chucklings.
Now, “Don’t!” “Please Stop!”  A burst and squeak and here it comes again…
Helter-skelter, higgedly piggedly all the way home..I can’t stop laughing!

Karima Hoisan
March 6th 2014
Costa Rica

* Footnote: The illustration is entitled, baskakov-milkmaids-novella.jpg. I found it on the web, and it made me laugh. What is really making me laugh right now (on every single page) is Mark Helprin’s  “Freddy and Fredericka” which is so funny, I can’t take it with me and read it in, let’s say, a waiting room..because I would be asked to leave (chortling as I go:)

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8 Responses to Laughter…The Best Rx

  1. This is delightful, Karima! You’ve captured the spirit of losing oneself in hilarity. Giggles are so much fun and the energy they take is returned in long moments of true rest…happy rest. Thank you for sharing this! (Mireille-Jenvieve Woodford smiles…wide!)


    • Aww thank you Mireille for enjoying this one! Oh yes the after-laughter is a state sometimes only reached by deep meditating Yogis:) Peace and “happy rest” as you say..we are all hardwired to unwind in hilarity and silly least..all my friends are;)


  2. daleinnis says:

    Helprin loves those newspaper names! Sun, Whale, Psnake, Omelette, Behemoth… tickle tickle! 🙂


  3. Hee heee giggle snort giggle:)


  4. I know this feeling, you cant stop laughing, giggling, whatever happens. And then, when you’ve calmed down…one look out of the window, whatever you see hear this voice asking: “BOOGOOOMIIIIIIIIIL?” and here it comes again, giggling snorting sputtering Laughing Out Loud! Hahahaha oh my, so so well described Karima.


    • Oh Nat, sorry I forgot to answer this great comment…Yes you DO know the feeling and you too describe it sooo well. Those moments are pretty rare, but when they come..oh what memorable guffaws they are:)


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    This is so you! In all lives. One of the many beautiful traits that you possess, is your powerful sense of humor! As you and I have discussed, I have been gifted with your lovely humor on countless occasions.


  6. Awww Ruco..thank you for this comment. Sometimes I do have to be reminded, I still have a sense of humor. You just did that , so lovingly:) Thank you Hoyt!


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