“Vector’s Vortex” The Movie by Natascha Randt and Karima Hoisan

This is number 14!
14 collaborations with Natascha and my heart tells me, we might just keep going!
This one, came obsessively fast, just because we were both in “starburst mode” and as I was madly finishing the build, Nat was filming at amazing draw distances of over 2000(those who cruise in  virtual worlds will know that is being able to see very very far indeed!) For those who love to film, Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand is like paradise, where you can actually use these kinds of high graphic settings, and still get 70fps. I have posted about my world here, and also shared a poem  that was born as the world was developing, and now I give you Natascha’s beautiful camera eye, that tantalizes more than it reveals, because I hope you will actually make the journey yourselves to see it on Kitely. Nat gets me. She just does, and this is why today we celebrate 14 videos made together with a creative passion and harmony you don’t see very often in machinima makers.
Vector’s Vortex is about yearning, the cosmos, awe inspiring beauty, passing up the chances for learning, giving up before you get there, and even the meaning of it all.
It is a poetic look at Space, Science, and Mystical age old secrets we still hope to hear the answers to. Sooo, turn your settings to HD and Fullscreen,  enjoy our little film, and I hope you will decide to visit my world here soon: Vector’s Vortex on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand

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24 Responses to “Vector’s Vortex” The Movie by Natascha Randt and Karima Hoisan

  1. I’m sharing Nat’s post on it too. Google Translate does a pretty good job from German to English.


  2. Ilan Tochner says:

    It’s a lovely world Karima and an equally beautiful video. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂


  3. Thank you Ilan, for your comment and for providing Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand for all of us who love to create in the virtual.It truly is a paradise for art and artists as I said above:)


  4. Minethere Always says:

    wonderful-)) I am sharing it around a bit.


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  6. …and Pythagoras wept. Haha.

    Great job Karima and Natascha!


  7. daleinnis says:

    Reblogged this on Dale Innis’s Weblog and commented:
    Another lovely machinima with my name in the credits — erhm, I mean — from Karima and Nat! Which I helped a tiny bit with the scripting of the world that it is taken in! Kitely has some really interesting stuff in it (if only one had the time to explore…).

    Tongue out of cheek, this world is really lovely and contemplative and worth a visit; the movie (also lovely) shows only some parts of it. Give it a look!


    • Thank you Dale for reblogging this and also for always somehow being part of our little productions even if in just a “tiny bit of scripting way” You made it possible for people to fly up and float down..anything more difficult than rotation is beyond me:) Thank you for that!


  8. Seth says:

    Lovely piece. Very beautifully done. Another winner!


  9. sannctuary says:

    thank you Karima and Natasha
    Wonderful to experience that, i will have to rrun it through a few more times to immerse myself more in it or it in me, an departure more abstract,,,so beautiful…. A lovely work of art , with resonance.


  10. Sanne,,,thank you for viewing and enjoying our latest collaboration. Your words always mean a lot ..thank you for using the word resonance…I hope it echos inside for awhile.


  11. Hoyt Heron says:

    Karima and Natascha what a great production! The two of you have become so polished. Your work gets better and better, as you take on many different themes. I am a huge fan and look forward to what comes in the future.


  12. Thank you once again Hoyt for your positive comments and for enjoying the whole Vector’s Vortex experience on Kitely. You are truly our biggest fan:)


  13. Shesa Quandry says:

    I saw what Hoyt did. It was just so smooth and polished. Nat must be in heaven filming in Kitely… and not having to edit out the lag. ;o) I loved the brief shot of Karima, sitting on the telescope. That one stuck in my mind’s eye, even after it had passed. You guys are the most amazing team… always something new to explore with words and vision. I love this one. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful talent with us.


  14. Ohh Shesa thank you for dedicating so much of your very precious time to reading and watching and catching up on my little blog. It means so much to me, your comments, observations, and encouragement, make me feel it’s still worth keeping a blog up in a time of quick fb Likes and instant feedback. Your thoughtful words and your sincere appreciation really do inspire me (and of course Nat) to keep on keeping on with our pursuits.


  15. Gotta love this big ole Universe. I feel that the incomprehensible distances and ages related to the big U are not cut off from us mere mortals; that we do have access. Now where did I leave that damn password…..


  16. I think it’s time to say a word or two about our 14th film/movie/vision. First of all a big THANK YOU! For all your nice comments.
    Karima has built this fantastic world. With lots and lots of things to discover, a flying saucer, too 🙂 and all those planets and things and informations and media and wow, sooo much more.
    I could really show all of it, like a tour through a museum or observatory, and being honest I made some of those videos. But first, when you’ve watched that tour video, there are no more things to discover. And second and thats most important, when I was at Vector’s Vortex the very first time, I lost my horizon. When you lose your horizon you don’t know where you are, above or down or where the journey goes. It was a feeling of being in that unimaginably large space, a brief glance at the infinity. One of my first thought was a quote from a movie, words that were never said in that movie, but I could swear they were said.
    Anyway, that was what I want to show in the video, especially with Karima’s poem and music.
    It begins with all that quantum physics and mathematics, 11th dimensions and strings and things and the deep space. Like an outer space novel….and then it turns. It turns to an inner space journey. Who we are, where do we come from, to where we go and a why? The forsakenness in the face of eternity.
    Maybe there is someone out there like Vector, who will share all the secrets with us and then we will know the answer.



    • Nat..as always.. such a great comment, and I love how you so transparently take us behind the scenes and share your “director’s eye and thoughts” with us all. When I saw you excited about the build, it injected me with that little extra push, to write the poem, that I had floating around but hadn’t converted into words.. That’s why ..well one of the reasons why we are “The Team” Here’s to 15…and on and on…big hugs and thank yous Nat.. This is now one of my underground favorites we have done… smiles


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