Max Kleene Live @Kari’s Bar and Dance Saturday 29th @ 9pmslt

Poster by Natascha Randt!

Poster by Natascha Randt! (Thanks once again Nat:)

There are two live musicians I go on and on about when talking to people in my Second Life, and one of these is Max Kleene! Besides being a genuinely warm and nice person, he has that special charisma that keeps his fans growing in number and wanting more year after year. Voted best male singer once again by popular choice, Max has a delicious and eclectic mix of songs, that he is happy to dedicate if you just IM him. I am so proud to have him back at my bar in New Toulouse, and I cordially invite you all to join us this Saturday night at 9pmslt for an hour of great music and dancing at Kari’s Bar and Dance. I will include one of my favorite songs he does by Jason Mraz, “Bella Luna” performed alongside Voodoo Shilton on his fabulous guitar…sooo nice.
Give the Youtube a play, if you have never heard him or already are a fan, and I will see you this Saturday night at 9pmslt! Don’t you dare miss this one:)

Here is your horse-drawn carriage ride to the front door: Kari’s Bar and Dance

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4 Responses to Max Kleene Live @Kari’s Bar and Dance Saturday 29th @ 9pmslt

  1. love his music! please remind him – drax files radio hour with jo yardley plays resident music :_


  2. I so agree Drax and I will remind him:) If the time difference is not too brutal…join us Saturday!


  3. Shesa Quandry says:

    Max’s show at Kari’s place was warm and wonderful. As always, Max doesn’t just come to play. He engages everyone and sparks a connection between the venue and the people he plays for. Once again, he did that beautifully. The mood was lively, the conversation was fun, and everyone was enjoying the moment. Kari’s lends itself perfectly to the live music scene. You feel like you’ve entered an intimate jazz bar, somewhere on Bourbon Street. The music and the atmosphere envelope you, and make you want to stay. Luna and I found ourselves in the middle of the room… not too far from anything… not too close to the stage. From there, we enjoyed the costumes and the conversations… and of course, the music and the show. ;o) Karima was the perfect hostess. Dale captured the moment with some great pictures. There were people in the booths, couples dancing quietly in the back, and the usual crowd in front of the stage. It was a slice of magical. I couldn’t stop smiling. ;o)


  4. Aww Thank you Shesa for your wonderful comment on the show, my club, and especially about Max..who is a genuine entertainer and just about the nicest guy in SL show business. Thank you too *winks for helping to make that whole night possible and I am so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! Aww you captured the night in words as well as Dale did in pictures (which I forgot to post:( and I thank you for this beautiful and generous comment. Big Hugs Shesa!!


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