Achtung, jetzt kommt…

Ok..I just had to reblog this post of Nat’s in German..and I will translate it so you can get what it means. This is Nat’s take on my little “Kartoon House by The Tracks” a 512 Mainland piece in Epirrhoe Second Life. You have to admit, that one prim house is pretty cool! I will also include a picture of “Cuppy The Cupcake” who seems to fit very well, and is a good guard cupcake too. His tendency to wander is a No the train tracks are right below…. hopes the best for Li’l CupCake.
cupshot_001                                             “Cuppy The Cupcake…not as sweet as it looks!

.. one carton. That is cartoon! Extra tour. Radio Bremen. The Eighties.
When there were announcers on TV. And pause character. And time.

When announcer me Evelyn Hamann falls always the same. Lord Molesworth, Houghton and Gwyneth Molesworth for another Lord, Lord Hesketh-Fortescue, in Nether Addlethorpe a “Schlipth” worried.

But to return times to the cartoon, Karima has on its Mainland plot a box … That is cartoon! So Yeah .. set up a cartoon house. Or cartoon house? Cartoon house? Regardless, cartoon comes from Carton, and Carton means nothing else than cardboard in French. So a house made ​​of cardboard. If you will. And the house has only one Prim A one-prim cartoon house. YAY!

Of course you may also enter the house:

Above the door is a television screen thing, where you can have another look at the struggle between Toad and Imp . And fight itself also goes that Posebälle are rezzed . And mitm (and helium) balloon. Against all orbs … so to speak. Mainland fun .

But beware , a devilish cup cake starts searching for victims … We have flabby laughed us, because in such a hole is continuously fallen, and no more came out.
* honest..when is the last time you “flabby laughed?” Got to love Google Translate!

In Karimas own words:
Kari’s Kartoon By The Tracks – Hot Air Balloon Ride

“Come Up for a free coca cola, or a good listener, or twist my arm to take you on a ride on my locomotive, or take a perilous balloon ride on Mainland, dodging people’s security orbs, banlines etc. Just a stone’s throw from the SLRR, this little kartoon house always has a welcome sign out for fellow travelers to stop by and shake the cinders from your boots and rest. My first little corner of mainland heaven:) Diagonal across the tracks from the Epirrhoe Train Station..”


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5 Responses to Achtung, jetzt kommt…

  1. Thanks for the reblog Karima:) The cartoon house is tooo funny, lol


  2. I hope to flabby laugh again with you soon Natskers:)
    Great post!Thank you so much.


  3. Shesa Quandry says:

    You two have entirely too much fun 🙂 I love the cartoon house and can’t wait to visit. Of course, Terrytown (Tarrytown?)… the home of Rip Van Winkle and Sleepy Hollow, where Ichabod Crane is pursued by the headless horseman. Now I have a new reason to smile when I pass by there on my way across the Hudson river on the Tappan Zee bridge. Can’t wait to meet Nat’s naughty cupcake, if Cuppy is still there, and hasn’t wandered too close to the train tracks (eww!) ;o)


  4. Yes Shesa! My Terrytown is a bit like the one you know (change of vowel) that is almost in your neighborhood…but in my Terrytown…smiles, mice play tubas and flutes and hippos dance in tutus on the platform (boom boom) and you Know you have reached “Kartoon by the Tracks” in Epirrhoe SL! By the way, just to set things straight…that naughty cupcake is actually mine, and bit Nat on the ankle, when she went to take his picture:):) Thank you for this great comment!!


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