Remembering The Boston Bombings & Other Horrors A Year Ago


“No More Hurting People- Peace” 8 yr. old Martin Richard killed in the Boston Bombings



because otherwise
we would all o.d. on Life.
Better to latch the dirt to our eyes
the rose tints.
I know the poets;
they would be screaming first.
Keep it filtered, alkaline
Don’t put names and innocent smiles
on the numbers.
Graph it, stack them in mass graves,
that’s much easier
on our kind…

Keep it streaming,
take it to the limits,
drop it out to sea.
Just let a few things close to home
pass through our sieve
to pop up on our screens.
Let’s forget the rest,
our dark animal howls,
our gnashing teeth that maim,
something we almost thought we’d seen
but now it’s gone
and there’s a silly tweet,
to pull us away,
twenty new things we have to do,
so we can start to feel safe-guarded
Leave the rest to blow away like leaves
sounds with no meaning
bombs that fall
in places with low ratings..
It’s my hope to never watch that show
anywhere again.

If I start to peek
and see sweet boys
holding posters for peace,
I will never be able to eat,
forgive my bloody human race
or sleep.

Karima Hoisan
April 17th 2013
Costa Rica

*Thank you to Scottius Polke for talking about this
subject with me. It was my reason for writing the poem.


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4 Responses to Remembering The Boston Bombings & Other Horrors A Year Ago

  1. Hoyt Heron says:

    Wow, Karima you did it! The following is what I wrote a year ago and I stick by it ten-fold!

    You certainly hit home with this one. Your words can be as soft as a mother’s caress, and at the same time as rough as an old Montana boot. This work contains both. So hard. I was actually waiting for this. As I know you were. This is your burden as an artist to conjure up these images, though at times, very painful for all. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but this endeavor of yours should go viral for all to see. Thank you Ruca.

    You are truly amazing!!


  2. Thank you ruco for mentioning this to me. I realized I should re-post it today on the anniversary and also put a picture and a name and a face;the same one that moved me to write this poem in the first place. May we finally get his message through our beastly heads and just stop hurting people.


  3. Karima,
    So very poignant and moving. The modern world is a scary place indeed, with no end to the daily violence and hate in sight.


  4. Thank you Spiral…sad but true…but there is also so much love and beauty.. like a poisoned cocktail it somehow stays all mixed together inside of us


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