Silver-Tooled Face Masks

An older poem I found in a drawer:

Drawing by Gino for the poem

Drawing by Gino for the poem

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6 Responses to Silver-Tooled Face Masks

  1. I really really like it:) The drawing and the poem


  2. Why thank you Nat! I will pass your words on to Don Gino too:)


  3. daleinnis says:

    What fun, the things that can turn up in a drawer! 🙂 Lovely, both the words and the drawing; such talent!


  4. Shesa Quandry says:

    I am struck, first, that it speaks of a freedom (“to visit all times and all places”) that others do not acknowledge, perhaps even know of. I am struck, second, dear one, that it touched you in a way that made it personal… and so found a home in your drawer. ;o)


  5. Aww Shesa thank you. This was a poem I wrote while living in Jordan and Gino my artist friend did this wonderful interpretation of it.. how he imagined it:) So glad you enjoyed it. I had forgotten about it, until it popped up in a drawer recently:) Hugss


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