The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 32: Jayjay Zifanwe]

I want to invite my readers to the latest Drax Files, that focuses on Jay Jay Zifanwe, head of the UWA (University of Western Australia) here in Second Life, and some of the artists and machinima makers who are busy creating projects, collaborations, and innovative  art and video in our world.
Nat and I feel very honored to have been chosen among our very esteemed colleagues in this field,  and to be a part of the whole, of this really great episode. Once again Drax gets it right, and I really loved what Jay Jay says about the importance of Virtual Art and Machinima for us all.

Sit back and enjoy it in HD and full screen.
Thank you Drax for your wise eye into our virtual world, and Jay Jay.. we are working feverishly on our entry for this years UWA competition: Pursue Impossible 🙂

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19 Responses to The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 32: Jayjay Zifanwe]

  1. janbetts says:

    Wow… very impressive indeed…. i can see why you and Nat feel honored to have been chosen to be in this film as contributors of your combined genius to the Machimina projects! As well i am honored that some of my art appears as a backdrop to Karima and Nats part of this very interesting film.


  2. Why thank you Jan, and yes indeed, your art adds beauty and color to our background (my virtual art gallery on LINC Island.) I do love what Jay Jay says about this being so much more than a game. Those of us who create, or maybe didn’t even know we could create, have blossomed in Second Life, and the UWA has been a backbone and an inspiration for us all.


  3. Odracir says:

    Thanks Karima! That was a great piece! Drax truly does some wonderful work highlighting some of the really cool bits of SL. Particularly interesting to hear Jay Jay’s perspective on Machinima and the value of the virtual world experience. And, of course, how could I resist hearing from both you *and* Nat… sowohl mit solchen schönen stimmen!

    I can’t wait to see the final product of your latest collaboration! 🙂


  4. Why thank you Odracir for this very nice comment! The Drax Files in general are so important to “counter” the negative reporting, that seems to be what we all hear and see when we read the articles about the “gaming-virtual worlds” I loved the way JayJay sort of laughed when he said, “This is not just a game….” he had that tone of someone who knows how totally shallow the Sl-is-a-game concept is, because he lives what it really is every day when he logs in.Oh, and we promise to show you first, when our” Purse Impossible” entry is ready for viewing:)


  5. menubar says:

    Karima and Nat do amazing stuff. All gratitude to JayJay for inspiring people to create and express themselves.


    • Woooot!! Thank so much Buddeh for leaving your comment, and enjoying what we do. The UWA has been such an inspiration for all of us,,and Jay jay is the very accessible and energetic mover and doer..for this great Institution in SL. He defines himself as a “facilitator” but I would say he’s one..with the soul of a multi-talented artist!


  6. joeysl says:

    Such a great insight in the possibilities Second Life offers to creative people. I find it intriguing how these people from all over the world connect in a way that in RL could never be possible. Can’t wait to see your newest film. Go TEAM! 🙂


  7. Thank you Joey…You too know this already in your Sl with your own great collaboration with “Tante Nat”:) and you will be the first to see our finished project..Hugss


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  9. daleinnis says:

    Yay, Karima and Nat in Drax Files! (I really need to watch more of these, they are good.) Congratulations to The Team! 🙂


  10. Ilan Tochner says:

    It was very well made, it’s good that they showed people who aren’t “social rejects” using virtual worlds as a legitimate way for self expression and interaction with others. Virtual reality devices will soon enable “normal people” to feel presence in virtual environments without having to spend a lot of time inworld before they achieve it. This in turn will help virtual worlds become a lot more attractive to people who only use them casually or have never even given virtual worlds a try because they “don’t understand the purpose of this game”.


    • Thank you Ilan, for leaving your well-put comment here on my blog. The Drax Files in general, attempts to combat the ignorance surrounding “the purpose of this game.” I think in this episode especially, and with the elegant words of Jay Jay, Drax captured the idea there is truly food for thought about VW’s and the “purposes they can serve” Even if Art and Video are not your thing, it offers endless possibilities to interact in endless ways with the rest of humanity. That alone should redeem it…a little:)


  11. Scottius says:

    So great to see you and Nat on this great tribute to Jayjay and Machinima as a whole on Second Life. You two have definitely elevated the artform here, and only proper that you should be featured!


  12. Maria Vought says:

    Loved seeing you and Nat receiving such great recognition for your work – may there be more machinima and more recognition from and for you both!


  13. Oh sis..thank you so much. The UWA inspires us to go beyond ourselves and do the most innovative machinima we are capable of..We hope you will enjoy our latest entry when it is ready.
    Big hugs for your support!


  14. Henri Godenot says:

    Love you guys. That was neat!


  15. So glad you enjoyed it Mayor!! Your comment was pretty neat too:)


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