Zwei Reden

Some fun little outtakes and some great takes we couldn’t fit in + Nat’s and my speech (on voice) at our premier for “Chasing a Butterfly. Hope you enjoy! Big thanks to Nat for doing this!! Here are her words translated in English and some more photos taken by Luna and Dale. Thanks again!

Welcome to the premier of our latest movie.

Karima told you something about the queen of donkeys, and so I will tell you something about ?
the movie.
Actually it was the same as always. Karima came with that carrot, here we call it Moehre, ?
Moeeehre. Then there was our favourite game: brainstorming! Thats always a cool thing, so ?
much Ideas and stuff.

And, without reveal somthing about our movie, we created a new style. And As always it is Our ?
But so different to all what we have done before.

Being honest, I want to shoot a completely different theme for that challenge, but I am really ?
happy with what we’ve done.
And I love our movie

And so the biggest THANK YOU! goes to Karima, my partner in crime, for that carrot.

and now enjoy chasing a butterfly

thank you
Maria & Scottius (Beeflin, Amira) _ LINC Sculpture Gardens
Kari, Nat, Henri, Joey_ LINC Sculpture Gardens
Odracir, Luna, Amira, Beeflin_ LINC Sculpture Gardens
The TEAM! _ LINC Sculpture Gardens and Art Gallery, LINC

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2 Responses to Zwei Reden

  1. Scottius says:

    Always exciting to see what you two come up with, and you have once again raised your personal bar with this new one! Love the story, the atmosphere, the production, and well, everything!

    If you see my comment on youtube, you may get a strange feeling of dejavu 😉


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