De-Rendered World

I see what I want to see...

I see the miraculous… “City of Whales” by Hotamr-Deviantart

I de-render the world..when I go out without you.

The sky can stay and the clouds and trees,
I see the miraculous and what I want to see,
but I have no use for people’s stares or bad moods.
I push past them and I shy from curious looks or judgement,
over-focused interest
and envy.
The tugboats can float downstream, while I see whales like kites
and I let the bird
wings continue to color the leaves,
but I walk inside my bubble and I steam the glass
with thoughts of what I hope will last.

Because I don’t know who’s just being nice and who’s flirting with me.
Beautifully oblivious, wrapped and pinned in silk of colored shapes,
I am deaf to their whispers
and bad ideas.
All those who stop like roadblocks and try to catch me, I wipe them away

like leaves on a path. I sweep them up and toss them with just my lack of interest… de-rendered, “be gone.” I whisper.

I hear everything… augmented,  but only the music and the pleasing voices, and children laughing, and a whale song, otherwise I have my finger on mute and I mute it if it plays dissonance, drama themes or just streams in bad taste..
Over and over wiping away eyes who watch me from behind, the police cars, purse snatchers and hustlers; I’m blind to fights that break out on street corners,
whistles and vulgar gestures, the coveting of my spending power from shop owners, and the handsome or the desperate looking to addict me,

to a product or sell me their smartphones.

Goodbye drunks, who fall towards me; I erase them before they reach me,
and billboard lights go out, as do hands reaching for my legs unless they speak honestly to some compassion for humanity.

Stress, I turn to finger paint by mixing it with tears and then I paint parking meters and also flick the excess over the dirty asphalt coloring it in rainbows.
The clouds obey the breeze and I could watch them all day, becoming what I can never guess, and whales or birds are free to fly and swoop in front of me while the trees stand straight and tall waiting to catch their feathers when they fall.. ahh, but all the rest.. the rest that clamors, roars, annoys, entices, demands, or insistently waits for me to give the command..poof…..

Karima Hoisan
November 9, 2015
Costa Rica

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14 Responses to De-Rendered World

  1. janbetts says:

    A de-rendering of all that is wrong with this world! i love this concept, and i love this latest Karima poem! i can so relate… i want that bubble that allows us to float thru the outside world, not being affected by the downers found here and there, while at the same time finding poetic beauty in all else. Once again Karima finds words to express something we all can relate to. Thank you again, i am always inspired by Karima’s unique creative genius in reaching deep inside for a new concept to change our view.


    • Thank you so much my dear friend. In a virtual world, derendering is a term to easily make invisible, objects you don’t want in the scene..very good for machinima shots, and how I wish we could have that power in Real Life…Sometimes I can pull it off, and find my own little bubble, on those days where we just don’t want to have to handle Everything..If I could choose, only the beauty, the simple, the kind and the compassionate would get through:) I loved your comment Jan, and it means so much you stopped by today to drop it off:) Big hugs!


  2. Scottius says:

    Even a few minutes worth of the world’s news can leave one exhausted and defeated. Sometimes we need a space apart from it all. You have created such a space, rendering such a creative gift amidst the pain.


    • Yes Scottius, we have discussed this before, and a conversation with you produced another poem of mine, “Filtered.” I think the hard part is not so much creating that space, as to be able to hold it. There is always a big bad wold of a wind waiting to knock you back into reality:) Thanks for your great comments and continual support!


  3. daleinnis says:

    I love the thoughts and the imagery here… if only derendering worked as well in RL as in SL; but still we all do it…


  4. Hey Dale, thank you! Yes it is much more efficient in a virtual world,but you are right, we do try to do it anyway in RL with varying degrees of success. I am glad you could relate to this thought and enjoyed it:)


  5. Steve Rogers says:

    “and I let the bird wings continue to color the leaves”

    I never knew they did that! that’s quite a thought…

    “Because I don’t know who’s just being nice and who’s flirting with me.”

    Well Kari, you know me – always both!


  6. I know you Steve!! You can always make me smile..and of course birds do that..maybe you need to have had a childhood with no television and a jungle backyard to see how that works:)


  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    De Rendering…A skill I am going to work very hard on this coming year. I’m going to have to in order to survive. Excellent ideas ruca!


  8. After all, i’m able to comment here:) This goblet full of pictures and visions is so awesome, Karima and I love every single one. Life is too short and too beautiful to listen to all those uncouth forest workers, with their un-humble opinions, whose only target is to drag you down. All those stupid
    The number of of people I want to mute and derender just keeps on growing:) I want more whales like kites and much less bad ideas.


    • Yes!! More hot-air-whales..less HOT-Air- Trumps! lol. Thanks Nat. for your great comments, and it is a sad comment on our times in general, that the mute and derender list seems to grow and grow:)


  9. maestro says:

    I can visualize the words, love it..


  10. mahekmithare says:

    Heyyy! Nice corner. You might just wanna read mine. :*


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