Krewe de Zombies Presents Hogman!

What can that title possibly mean?? Well it means just what it says:)

Krewe Zombie2copy

Poster by Natascha Randt

We’re  having an After-The-Bayou Parade celebration at my Bar, “Kari’s Bar and Dance,”
Saturday, January 30th! I have been part of the Krewe de Zombies since 2010 and it’s

Mardi Gras time again in New Toulouse! “Let The Good Times Roll”
Come Join us! This time we have the fabulous performer Hogman live on stage at 2:30slt
I will be spinning Zydeco before and after Hogman’s set.
The only thing “hoggy” about Hogman (see picture) might be, that he will hog your total attention while he is playing and singing.
Join Us! You’ll be sorry if you miss this one!
March on down to Kari’s this Saturday! The fun begins at 2:00slt. Kari’s Bar and Dance
I’ll be waiting for you…..



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3 Responses to Krewe de Zombies Presents Hogman!

  1. You Know It Nat!! Thanks for the very cool poster too:)


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