Love is About Loving


“With Love” by h23b Deviant Art

Love is about loving…just give it away
Surprise someone, make them smile
Write “I love you on” a $20 bill
and let it drop the next time you shop.

Love is about connection
Let those loved ones from your past
know you still feel them
in your heart, after decades apart.

Love is so simple…so easy to show
say it eye to eye, send a card or a text
Touch someone, with love
and watch them smile the whole while.

Have I told you I love you?..Did you know?
Could you tell?
I forgot to say those three words
I guess, for you to answer me, “Yes.”

Love is about loving… just give it away
Surprise someone, make them smile
Just say, “I love you.” to those that you love
On the day before and after, Valentine’s Day.

Karima Hoisan
Feb. 13th 2016
Costa Rica

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2 Responses to Love is About Loving

  1. Hoyt Heron says:

    Perfect! This poem should be on the inside of a card. Or on a plaque, or poster. These are the best Valentines words and words about love ever!


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