Ciudadano de Los Cielos

“Citizen of the Skies…Following the Footsteps of Jorge Newbery.”
Although this is the 18th Randt and Hoisan Production, as we say in Spanish, “Give honor to whom it is deserved” This was Nat’s baby ever since I mentioned the story to her. Nat is the “apassionada” the lover of anything that flies, and without her knowledge, her great collection of vintage planes, her set building talents, camera and direction, even her script writing abilities, this little biography would have never been born.
I will take a little credit for being a dashing (male) virtual tango dancer, a voice over narrator, a woman with her parasol, running to look at a pump:), the only one smiling in a serious picture:) and also the one who used a stick now and then on our creative donkey queen-director( Nat) who might have otherwise not finished it, until “the cows came home” (her words on her blog:) So that’s my little grain of sand.

Seriously, it was an honor to work on this project about an ancestor of a friend of ours, and we hope that our efforts please his family as well as him.
Nat has lots more to say (In German ) about it and you can see that on her blog right here:
Nat’s blog: CLICK

Thanks to our good friends-extras too for taking part in the filming. Their names are at the end;  they all were so patient and professional:)
Below is the film. HD and Full screen always recommended.  Enjoy!

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8 Responses to Ciudadano de Los Cielos

  1. Hahahahaha…Oh my, I love the phrase “until the cows came home”. But it’s true in this combination…almost 🙂
    I am really glad we worked together again, Karima. And I am really sure, it won’t be our last collaboration.
    Big Hugs


  2. daleinnis says:

    Wow, that is so cool! 🙂 Non-fictional history, and at the same time a very moving story, all filmed with the signature Team machinima skill. You two go outside the box so effortlessly 🙂 as though you’d been doing documentaries on historical figures forever.


    • daleinnis says:

      … and the fact that he has TANGOS dedicated to him!! 😀 How did you even find that out? The dances fit so perfectly in multiple ways…


      • Nat’s great research from her dark and vast library found the Tangos. To have a Tango dedicated to you, puts you into a very high and special category of public love and admiration!


    • We (Randt & Hoisan) seem to fall outside the box quite easily:) Thanks many possibilities and challenges and rewards when one can do that too:) Really happy you enjoyed it!


  3. Hoyt Heron says:

    What a fantastic story! As the saying goes…”You couldn’t make this stuff up!” A whole novel could be written about Mr. Newbery. Karima and Nat now you have delved into documentaries with your talents and done, yet again, a fantastic and creative production. So very impressive!


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