In Your Head

So, wouldn’t it be fun (I thought) if someone could make a Giant Head that we could divide into Left Brain-Right Brain and take our visitors for a ride? Whenever I have odd sculpting requests, (like a horse’s rear-end:) I always call on my favorite weird sculptor, RAG Randt


Thanks RAG for this Awesome- Sim-Wide Mesh Head!

So you can get an idea of the size, that bothersome tiny mosquito about to land on the bridge of his nose, is really, yours truly. And here is another shot:
small-bigger head

Then I asked my scripter friend, Dale Innis, a very much Left Brain kind of guy, if he would be interested in collaborating again on this, my newest and 9th world
on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. He said, “Sure!” and after a rather slow start (a year ago) today, we proudly present it to the public. Come visit and take the tour! When you arrive you will see a two-seater hover-board. Turn on your media, (video) set environmental settings to region default, and hop on the board and let it take you for a ride in Your Head, in Our Head, back and forth between the right and left brain.
Here are some pictures to pique your interest. These scenes and many many more await you.


Media on and take a seat!


The flow of creativity



The Boxes Must Never Touch!

5fallt_003 (1)

A Long-Tailed Pencil Breaker

6Ant_006 (1)

Yum Yum, Sushi!


Bubbling Teeth…because they can


Subtle and Hypnotic

9Ant_001 (1).jpg

Ant Art– feel free to copy anything you see and take it home

10headshot_007 (1).jpg

Top of Your Head; not just air up there

So, hopefully you are a little curious, and maybe motivated to come take our heady tour. Just click here and use any browser that has OpenSim capabilities. You might need to make a quick free avatar, but honestly OpenSim is a great adventure, and well worth it. Come visit soon!:

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11 Responses to In Your Head

  1. joeysl says:

    Woot, that looks beautiful and sound very intriguing! I will absolutely go see this 😀
    Hip hip hurray for all of you, Karima, RAD and Dale!


    • Ohh, thanks so much Joey! I know you found your way to Kitely before, to visit The Vortex. Let me know when you are coming, I would love to be there:) Thanks for this great comment! Oh and when you get up to the top, you can float down to the bottom:) Just sit on the “Float down” ball in the doorway.


  2. Wow! It’s finally come to fruition!! Looks amazing, Karima. I will Definitely check it out!


    • Oh Spiral..yes FINALLY! Your wonderful waterfalls play heavily in the creative flow:) It was another passionate frenzy in the end…and of course, I could not have done it at all without RAG’s big head and Dale’s big left brain too 🙂


  3. ragmedia says:

    anytime you need another ‘weird’ project, just call.


  4. daleinnis says:

    It was an honor and a pleasure to contribute! I love how it has come out (although I know there will be more fiddling with details on both sides for some time to come). Wild as it is, I think it will resonate in some strange way with every visitor.

    Each of your sims (in Kitely and in SL) is so unique, it’s been great fun to be part of the process on this one. Your ideas just keep flowing!


  5. Thanks so much Dale… It was so nice to have you co-creating and part of the project. I’m so glad we picked this up again, after almost a year, and saw it to the end. Now the other fun part begins: sharing it with our visitors.:)


  6. After the project is done (the one I am working on) i will be there again. Was so cool when I visit it the first time and can’t wait to see it again, or better to be IN again:) I am really curious and my cam will be with me then:)


  7. Thanks Nat, happy to host you and your Nav anytime:) Good luck on your latest project..I might sneak in to be an extra tomorrow 😉 Hugss


  8. daleinnis says:

    Reblogged this on Dale Innis’s Weblog and commented:
    I did some of this! It is very cool! 😀


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