The Happy Ball

Does anyone remember the bag randomly flying, soaring and dancing in a very touching scene of the movie, “American Beauty”?
Well, I was luckily a witness to something in that category, of things just reacting spontaneously to Nature’s forces: Air, Water, Fire…etc. In this case, it was water that somehow “trapped” a ball in my pool and tickled it into a spontaneous, hypnotic and graceful dance. I knew immediately I was witnessing something so randomly wonderful, that I grabbed my iPhone and took a few shots. It is a simple movie, the ball is the star, and the only “special effects” added was  using some slow motion and near the end a few seconds of reverse…outside of that, how it looks is how it looked…and it did not go on for a few went on for over an hour!
I hope my happy ball will relax, hypnotize and make you smile.. I found some great, creative commons music on Jamendo to go with it..and now it’s on YouTube. A new star is born…an inanimate one…such a happy ball who came as a sign to wish us a very Happy New Years..balanced, graceful and full of the good kind of kinetic energy.
A special thanks to Nat who hid the narrow iPhone look by adding two more:) Thanks Nat for that!


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8 Responses to The Happy Ball

  1. daleinnis says:

    For over an hour; that is amazing! So appropriate for the New Year; may we all have the same balance between the stream and the waves…


  2. Thanks Dale…I feel as long as the wind was calmed and the water pressure the same, it could have gone on like that forever…It stopped when we turned off the hose…as the pool was now filled:) Happy New Year to you!


  3. joeysl says:

    That made me smile 🙂 A very Happy New Year to you, Karima, and to all the world.


  4. Scottius says:

    The beauty of the unintentional…how lovely!


  5. Hoytheron says:

    Happy New year my girl. You have always found a way to find art in everything! As always…You never cease to amaze me!


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