The Deep Way


A composite of two images: “The Well” by J. Capela and “Chalice Well” by Arwen Grace. Deviant

The Deep Way
For U.

Down Down Down…not sure I know which way is up…
everything that gives me joy can stab me in the back,
if my eyes don’t stay open..then the fear creeps and crawls inside.
Always expecting the other shoe to drop…
Always imagining your first hello with someone new…
and then the rapid downhill slide to, “ Sorry but I think we’re through.”

When you share your vital organs with the one you love,
It isn’t just a metaphysical fling,
 the truth is, how painful to tear and separate,  after years
of growing it all together…
Voices in the ears, disbelief and tears …
Call 911! I am hemorrhaging.

Yet, we chose our path: danger and risk at every lap,
and here we are today.. still loving in our own way.
If I had to do it over again..I would not  change a heartbeat
Deep is how we played it, with all our risks, so bittersweet.
Love has metastasized in the well of our years…
So be it…when you go down down down until each one disappears.

Karima Hoisan
November 24th 2004
Karak, Jordan


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7 Responses to The Deep Way

  1. An older one, found in a notebook:)


  2. daleinnis says:

    Deep and poignant! Everything that gives joy can give pain…


  3. ronald174 says:

    How powerful and sad. Such is the risk/reward of life and love. We have all been there. And you put our tears to eloquent words. One never actually gets to understand exactly what went wrong. But time scatters clues just outside of our vision. Just beyond what we can clearly see and make sense of. Eventually, we gather these tidbits of pain and piece together something of a clear picture. As clear as you get in life, I think. The long view is that we can learn from this miasma, eventually. Hopefully. And-it helps to reassure one another we will not shatter from the pain.


  4. Thank you Ron…yes we survive it all..and looking back sometimes helps us value where we are now. Still, love is worth the risk…even if we didn’t get to live, “happily ever after.” for awhile, we were truly Alive! We lived outloud:) Thank you for your, as always, beautiful comment…


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    Another great poem by a great poet about our investment in, and the pitfalls our earthly existence. “So be it,” says Miss Karima. It was she who also said, “Why not you?” I’ll hold this, as I do all your writings, close.


    • You made me smile Hoyt:) “Why me? (palms held open to the sky) hehe..”Why not you?”
      Yes this was from those soulmate days…never to be forgotten..although sometimes it does grow a bit hazy..Thank you always leaving your thoughts here.


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