Center Stage On The Sunset Strip

Where to begin…..?
DB Bailey, Architect David Denton, SL friend and mentor for many years and brilliant visionary, approached Nat and I about doing a video to show a real-life project for The Sunset Strip, in West Hollywood California. He started by saying, “I know you and Nat do not do commercial videos but…..” After listening to his ideas and the project itself, our interest was captured and we said, “We’ll do it!” The rest is history.

This is our first commercial video ever and we actually had fun doing it! Working for DB was just wonderful and in the end, the client was very pleased and everyone lived happily ever after:)
Big thanks to my SL sister Maria Vought and Odracir Wrigglesworth who helped Nat and I give our little commercial pitch a Grand Finale! The virtual scenes were both shot in SL on LINC Island and on David Denton’s site on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. Many thanks to Dale Innis for making moving cars and textures.

This is not a public YouTube and comments have been disabled. Please feel free to comment here on my blog or let me know in an IM in SL what you think of our first baby steps into Hollywood;) Our little video will be shown to the executives of ABC who are interested in the space, and also to the City of West Hollywood. I almost get giddy when I think of this:)
eel free to comment and Like here on the blog, but watch it full-screen on YouTube.

Oh, and we decided now was the time to have a real logo, so we asked our good buddeh, Menubar Memorial, to make it..and he did! Here it is..Thanks again Menu. It’s a beauty:)

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19 Responses to Center Stage On The Sunset Strip

  1. menubar says:

    Congrats on an amazing project! Looks amazing. A brilliant example of virtual worlds utilized in the real world.


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  3. I am going to include a comment from Tubeguy, who wrote me and said he was having problems leaving his comment here. Thanks Tube for your great support always!
    “Tubeguy Gemini: Hi Kari, I like the You Tube video. Your work is groundbreaking, I think. Sophisticated and ready for prime time! There is some problem with your blog, though. I tried twice to comment and my system locked up. Had to ctrl+alt+del to get out of it. Seldom does my computer lock up. Just so you know-. I still want to get to Kitely. Again-well done. Fine, fine work! 🙂 Tube”


  4. Was really great experience working on this project.
    Our first step into the direction of Hollywood:)
    And I love our logo! Thanks a lot Menu!
    Oh my, sometimes it is astounding what happens, isnt it?


  5. Wow Nat!! It really IS!!! Hugs and here’s to more and more experiences making video magic!!


  6. Crystal Starks says:

    Marvelous collaboration… with everyone, gosh! I sing your praises for the creative production AND for the incredibly significant experience of going ‘commercial’ (smiles). I’ve always believed SL is underutilized for things of this nature, so it really hits a special high point with me to witness folks I know showcase virtuality in reality (could not resist, lol). Also, SUPER SPECIAL THANKS for compelling me to find a solution to my broken audio (been stuttering with echoes for months!). I was so ticked off at not being able to hear everything, I actually fixed the dang problem myself JUST SO I WOULD NOT MISS A THING – all because of YOU (smiles). Applauds… Bravo… and MORE!


    • Awww thanks Diz for your great comment and I am glad we pushed you into a better audio set-up hehe:) You know how long DB has been an inspiration and always leading me into new things(like Kitely) This time he got us both on the road to Hollywood! Who would ever imagine?? Big hugs and thank you for your supoort…Always!!


  7. ragmedia says:

    forget about your day jobs. go for the big time!


  8. Hehe…first baby steps..Thanks RAG:)


  9. daleinnis says:

    So wild! 🙂 I am happy and honored as always to have contributed some little scriptings; hope it is all a huge success. Could be the start of a whole new era for Vi and Vo. 🙂


  10. joeysl says:

    Outstanding! I am so excited for you both, Karima and Nat! And obviously also stunned by all the art going on in your lives. Live it up! 😀
    Lovely logo you got there. Can’t wait to see it on all those productions to come. Way to go Team 🙂


    • Aww thank you so much Joey for your support and your enthusiasm. I agree with you, Menu made us a great logo. Now we must make sure to make movies that are great too, to wear it proudly in the credits:) Thanks again for this comment Joey!


  11. Hoyt Heron says:

    This is an incredible commercial. You guys are so talented! Getting better all the time. Now because of your commercial, tourism in LA will be on the rise as well as the spike in new residents. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


    • Thank you Ruco for this great comment! We are working on a second one and really enjoying the ride:) Thank you too, for always loving what we do and always letting us know too. That means a lot!


  12. Karima, this is truly exciting – a new way to link the virtual and the physical worlds. Thank you and your team for your innovations!


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