This Too Shall Pass….

This too shall pass.
Find comfort and sadness here.
The pain will go away…become just a distant memory;
but joy also obeys, pushing cherished memories out to sea on waves
Not in control as we’d like to be because…

This too shall pass…

Don’t fear. The bad times are not forever.
All the scenery’s changing…bad to good, good to bad.
So what was once so vital will shrivel like an autumn leaf.
Conquer fear; place your foot upon it; be the victor
But take a picture because…

this too shall pass….
this too shall pass

Don’t we wish we could make this train
stop at just our stations?
The ones with holy moments on their signs?
Live the good times, the miraculous, love’s surprises,
instead of this local, that also stops at pain, fear and nightmares…?
“Hurry up, let’s get going,”
We close our eyes as we leave it behind.
“Oh, let’s stay here, I love it here!”…and then the grinding of the gears…
We’re moving- moving -moving on

This too shall pass.

Karima Hoisan
July 23, 2017
Costa Rica

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10 Responses to This Too Shall Pass….

  1. daleinnis says:

    Wonderful! A very valuable thought to keep close at hand, in bad times and good…


  2. Oh my! Karima, you always find the words…


  3. lunabranwen3 says:

    I always love a train metaphor, and yours are among some of the most memorable ones I’ve encountered from the p.o.v. of both reader and writer. I like the theme very much, the repetition that even feels like a train chug, chugging along, and I especially like the last stanza and the phrase: “The ones with only holy moments on their signs?” Lovely. Hope to catch up with you one of these near days of summer; I’m on quasi vacation through 8/8, so perhaps sometime soon after that. Love and all good blessings to you for your wellness, dear Karima~ And, to all the fam~


    • Thank you Luna… and as you know, I too love the train metaphor. It’s hard to get away from these philosophical “ponderings”:) I am glad you enjoyed the beat of the repetition and yes, the line..”we’re moving-moving-moving on” felt like a train starting to pull out of the station. Those Holy moment stops are far and few between (sad to say) I too look forward to a big catch up with you but meanwhile, enjoy your time unplugged and enjoy your summer vacation time off.


  4. ronald174 says:

    Great poem, Karima! That image of the train streaking thru time is perfect. It captures the movement and inevitability of time moving forward. Time eases regret and sorrow-usually. So it can be a salve. Sometimes we cannot shake the reminders of what has been lost. Since the landscape is ever changing how we feel is pushed to change as well. Very nicely done


    • Yes, this mortal train ride we all commute on:) I’m glad you liked the poem Ron, it was born out of a traumatic moment (at the dentist) and I comforted myself with that phrase..then later I thought, not only the bad passes, but the good times too..and the poem was born:) Thank you for your comment and your support..always!


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    Ruca….I’ve traveled a rocky road the past three weeks and this poem has been my beacon! I’ve written it down and revisited it and shared it with others. It’s uncanny that you created it at this time. Truly one of your greatest works! Thanks.


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