Into Your Arms

So, I was watching “The Handmaid’s Tale”, riveted and I heard this music playing at the end of Episode 7. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was going to draw a small poem out of me.
You can listen to the music here: “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”

Marci Oleszkiewicz art · Children PaintingBeautiful

The small poem it inspired is below:

Into Your Arms

In this time of independence, Dutch -treating at the cafe,
everyone is a do-it yourself..and now it’s considered weak to ask for help.
I remember when I was a child… security was the air I breathed.
My parents had all the answers, and I guessed that someday…
they would share them with me.
I thought that life would just go on…
with no surprises.
I believed they would always be close by…
pumping oxygen into my atmosphere.

But they’re gone, and is it wrong to say
I still miss them?
Is it wrong to just want to fall apart in someone’s loving arms
and hear them say,
“Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby”

Karima Hoisan
September 26th 2017
Costa Rica


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10 Responses to Into Your Arms

  1. daleinnis says:

    Oh, so poignant! I remember those times, not having to be in charge of anything, having the big people taking care of us… And we didn’t appreciate what we had. 🙂


  2. ronald174 says:

    Yes. Wistfully. I was fortunate-I had parents who loved me and took good care of a reckless kid-me. I always felt I was protected and loved. Always safe. I would complain about being overprotected. What I had yet to learn! So many kids did not have decent parents and never felt safe. Many in my world had alkie parents and were left to fend for themselves. I cannot imagine how tough and scary that would be. Now it’s my turn to be on duty to protect my family 27/7. So they feel safe. I can appreciate now what a nerve-wracking job that is. Always on duty. So they can feel protected. It get’s tiring, though, sometimes. But it’s always a labor of love. I hope I told my parents that I loved them often enough.
    Karima really touches this string!


  3. joeysl says:

    So lovely!
    Friends too can be this family 🙂


  4. Life sometimes keeps some weird coincidences at hand.
    Today is the day my father passed away fourteen years ago.
    And your poem, Karima, brings back so many memories of the days of my childhood. Everytime I asked my father something (and believe me, I had maaaany questions) he had the right answer. Sometimes so funny, must still laugh today.



    • Wow Nat, that was a coincidence! My father’s birthday is tomorrow the 28th, but I was a child when I lost him. Yes life was simpler for us then, the grown-ups had the answers and we just knew they knew about everything. I was saving up my big question, “What is the meaning of Life” until I was old enough to understand it:) or so I thought. Big Hugs Nat I’m glad my poem could stir up those memories,


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    Great piece ruca! Many of us have had the chance to experience those safe, secure times. Sadly, the number of folks that have known this safety net is diminishing.


    • Yes, so true what you say Hoyt..Our days of feeling safe seem to be numbered. Daily events of random, violent insanity show us that… sighs deeply. I was lucky to have great parents.. I wish that for everyone really…especially in these chaotic times, just being there for your kids is so important. But you know that live it:)


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