Round ‘n Round


Please listen to the recording with kalimba music to get the total experience of this performance poem.
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Round ‘n Round

Spinning… round and round.
Spinning round… and round
planets, orbits, atoms, electrons, cycles
seasons, loops, spheres…
lives, deaths, births,
now you’re here and now you’re not
now you’re coming, now you’re going
ceaselessly, endlessly, perpetually, kinetically, infinitely
Spinning round and round

Turning……round and round
Turning round… and round
dancers, wind vanes, stirring spoons, fish schools, whirlpools
windmills, calendar pages, corkscrews,
older, wiser, sweet to sour, warm to colder
Here’s your Monday and now your Sunday
You’re just beginning and now it’s over
constantly, effortlessly, slowly, quickly, dervishly
Turning……round and round

Changing….round and round
Changing round… and round
minds, appetites, ideas, traditions, values
customs, costumes, times
now you are religious and now you are an atheist
now you are a loner and now you are a joiner
transforming, evolving, reshaping, remaking, reordering,
modifying, refining, refashioning redesigning,
Changing….round and round

Karima Hoisan
Nov. 12, 2017

*Author’s note. I want to thank Jacquelyn Meyers for sharing with me a YouTube of the “World’s Most Beautiful Instruments” The kalimba I used in this poem recording, is the  one being played in this video and can be heard on its own :

For more about the artist SaReGaMa who composed and plays it, please visit here:


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14 Responses to Round ‘n Round

  1. ronald174 says:

    Another piece of sonic and thoughtful artistry. She captures the restless endless motion of life. Always in motion-never stopping. The most we get is a freeze-frame of the blur of life. The nice music is very complementary to the motion of the thoughts. The colors and motions of life And so it goes! No ending…no beginning. Just the endless passage.


  2. Thanks Ronald for stopping by and yes, even the spinning gif picture reminds us of the ever revolving patterns in our life. The music made me write this poem.. There is something very frisson inducing about the music played so delicately and perfectly on her kalimba… the repetition, the natural loop that made me try to capture in a shopping list of words and images the shifting, spinning everything..that is always moving circularly though our lives.. I really enjoyed your comment very much.


  3. Joey says:

    Dear Karima, this piece touches something inside of me that I can’t even define right now. It’s uplifting and yet holds this bit of tender sadness that comes with being a conscious human: Knowing even if everything is ceaseless on a greater scale we as individual minds are bound to come to an end. Weird, I was just pondering this morning (once again) what this exactly might be: consciousness. Anyway, I keep rambling on — I love your poem! 😀


    • Awww Joey, thank you so much for this great comment. I do know what you mean, it’s the “problem” of being human and conscious of it all. We are aware of how finite our little loves are in the great scheme, we are just a spark..and even that seems to go by faster than we ourselves can imagine or conceive. At least, we are all in the same boat.. this little poetic chant, I hope soothes that anxiety a bit, by reminding us…this is how it is:)


  4. daleinnis says:

    Love this! Mesmerizing, and unique yet again. You don’t fall into ruts! 🙂 I had a dream last night, discussing an enlightenment experience or an epiphany or something with someone, and we were saying “When you realize that thing about life, when you realize that thing about love, that thing about death, that thing about sex, that thing about words.” I think that was your poem in my dream, and what we realize is that it is all round and round, round and round…


    • Wow, that’s an interesting comment Dale!…and yes, maybe this poem helped to write your dream just a little, by just pointing out in a repetitive way…all the round ‘n and round we have in our lives. I’m sure some people mind find it annoying, as it is so repetitive, but I find it soothing and hypnotic with the beautiful kalimba music….anyway thank you again, and yes, this is a very different one for me:)


  5. menubar says:

    Excellent Kalimba playing! I’d lose a thumbnail if I tried to keep up with that.


  6. Oh my Karima, this one is great and insane and true. In time and space. Unrigged and rigged timeless 🙂


  7. Cool..a less saturated Boats:) Glad you like it!


  8. Hoyt Heron says:

    Miss Karima….Your rhythmic abilities really shine through on this one. Your words, and timing line up perfectly with the kalimba. I feel like this poem is about you, although many can relate. Again for the umpteenth time….How do you do this?!


    • Aww so glad you liked it Hoyt Well if it’s about me, I’m not thinking of becoming an atheist *smiles, but you’re right… I must have influenced it just because I wrote it:) That sometimes is very unconscious..and the poet or the writer, is the last one to realize it too:):)


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