Hypergrid International Expo 12-16 & 17

I am very proud to be giving a talk at this International Expo, about my use of virtual worlds on Kitely-Virtual Worlds on Demand as a medium to bring my poetry alive  and in 3D. Recreating them in virtual worlds permits anyone who wants to, to enter and become part of my verse. My talk will be in Spanish, but there will be translations available for all the different speakers. Saturday, December 16th will be the Spanish and German presenters and Sunday December 17th, the Italian and French presenters. I cordially invite you all to attend and if you don’t yet have an avatar to use on the Hypergrid, now is the time to get one. I recommend Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand as your first encounter with Opensim. From there, you can easily access any and all of the worlds located on the Hypergrid, including this very special 4 region world built exclusively for this Expo.
Here is the direction to put in your map when you are ready to take the leap: HIE  Landing
Hope to see you all there and happy Hyper-gridding!!

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