Waiting To Be Seen

Here is another older one from 2008

Waiting To Be Seen


Leaf of the red rose
passed over and stripped down,
to force the blooming crimson glory
in the crystal vase, her tight fit gown.

I stared deeply at the flowering star
her beauty stood alone uncompromised,
but for some reason I can’t explain
the little leaf, left on her stem,
focused in my eyes.

Just one leaf remained intact
clinging to her upper stem
and for a second I grasped a truth
the kind that may never come again.

My eyes then fixed on the small green leaf.
I saw art itself in its sphere,
on the bottom, smooth its sides,
but then it changed to ascending little spears.

Each spear so perfect, balanced true
poked out in an order I could see
Until it crowned itself on the tip,
in a stylized fleur- de- lis.

Upon this leaf’s subtle face, now I gazed
a free form mosaic green on green,
with spidery beige veins like grout between tiles
that separated each ceramic, forming a theme.

Then to top it off in an inspired thought
the razor spears jutting from each side,
were highlighted in the same beige of the tiles
“Oh God” I said, tears came quickly to my eyes.

We have lost the power to see the perfect leaf
because we are blinded by the beauty of a rose
We have little time to stop and contemplate,
so we pass over subtler works the Artist shows.

Only the most Creative Patient Power
would put so much thought into a leaf creation,
that would live in the shadow of the flower
and be lost to the gaze of most of us,
His subtle revelation.

Karima Hoisan
Karak Jordan



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2 Responses to Waiting To Be Seen

  1. Joey says:

    Dear Karima,
    I can’t even find the words to describe how much this resonates with me! I always hate cutting those richly green, strong, beautiful leaves just to cast them away. Thank you for your thoughtful observations!
    Hugs, Joey


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