Even a Vampire Has a Heart…Sometimes

SBubbsshot_006(In The Spirit of Halloween)🙂

Even a vampire has a heart… sometimes.
We don’t need to drain Every cat in the woods…
Now and then we take them in and make them pets,
and yes…put silly hats on them for Halloween!
Oh how we love them, like only a vampire can!

One who has seen Life and Death all together…
Who has crossed over and yet, for some hours each night
looks into those cat eyes so trusting and alive…
and feels the warmth of its fur…
against our chilled skin
our frozen faces.
Yes we love them in our way…
So, we put them down…and walk off into the woods
to find something else, a small reprieve, from the iciness…
of our empty veins.

Karima Hoisan
Oct. 24th, 2018
Costa Rica

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4 Responses to Even a Vampire Has a Heart…Sometimes

  1. Scottius says:

    A new strand of vampire…one that gets its strength from dressing up cats in funny costumes! Cats fear them…or rather resent them 🙂 Great seasonal poem!


  2. menubar says:

    Okay, I’ll try to write an original vampire joke for you. Give me a minute…

    Ai’ght, here goes. Did ya hear about the vampire that tried to bite the wizard on the neck, but the wizard turned into a cloud of vapor and vanished? He totally mist.

    I’ll try harder next time.


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