Keep The Dream Going


Keep The Dream Going

Cruising the blues on a Beth Hart loop
shaking my head because humans are so fickle
up in the stars where I perch in assessment
It looks from here, that it might be hard to work it out.

People people people let’s get our priorities hung straight
Let’s take the pearls over sow’s ears, peace instead of war
Let’s be honest, just honest with each other at the midnight hour
To love, we must give more than we get or….we’re bound to lose.

I’m talking to me, you know, this message is not only for you.
I fear this race might fail, we all need to get it right, not just a few.
So I sail along on a voice that’s fallen to the bottom of the blues
Why can’t people just keep the dream going and just be what they seem?

Karima Hoisan
March 9, 2019 (my birthday)
San Isidro del General

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10 Responses to Keep The Dream Going

  1. Happy Birthday Karima, we all have a lot to do to get things right on Earth. Viewing life on here from afar must be like watching a horror movie. Wars have to stop it is legal murder and indescriminate at that. Spreading Love over our planet and through our planet is important for all to do.

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  2. Nahid Khan says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Karima.❤️💐
    This poem is so inspiring. Wish we all could see how important it is to respect the differences and be more accepting towards others.

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  3. Joey says:

    Belated Happy Birthday dear Karima! (My bad!)

    Reading this rather gloomy little piece I might fear you were not having the best of times on your special day. But knowing you I guess you managed to see a bright side to it all even so. Having a kind and creative mind is a blessing and a curse, Real empathy means seeing all the pain and deciding to bear it. As a dedicated poet you take the step further and do something about it. Your words are heard. That counts for something 🙂

    Hugss, Joey

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    • Thank you Joey! Well you know me, looping music brings out my poems. I wasn’t as blue as the Blues I was listening to, but it made me thoughtful…and actually I had a strange but wonderful birthday too, filled with people I haven;t seen in years. You are right, creativity can be both…but really in the is a gift always!!


  4. daleinnis says:

    Very much so; keep the dream going!

    Wild what the music of the Blues brings to mind, always unpredictable. And you put it into words so well!

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  5. Hoyt says:

    “The bottom of the blues!” Only you could concoct words such as these! I will do my best to keep the dream going. Thanks!

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