Seba Sideways is Back! @ The New Kari’s Kantina del Mar


Poster by Menubar Memorial

I’m posting a very special invitation today…Come to my newly remodeled Kantina and welcome a very well-known and loved performer back to Second Life. Seba Sideways, who is from Argentina, and has been away about……8 years??!! Well a long long time and he will be back at his re-debut show, a week from today, July 19th at 12pm to thrill all gathered with his virtuosos Sax (both tenor and alto).
If you heard him back in the day you know what he can do and if you have never heard Seba play, this event is the perfect venue to appreciate his exceptional talent.

Seba’s been playing Sax for more than 23 years; at the present time, he works in RL as a Session Player in Reggae, Rock, Funk and Latin bands. His repertory in SL includes different music styles, such as Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues, Funk, Reggae Roots, Ballads and Tango…  Seba is my friend and I really want to bring a big “welcome-home” audience, to my club to hear him, dance and be totally entertained!! It’s a Win/Win all you need to do is show up!
For those of you who remember my Bolero Bar before, as an open dance floor by the sea, I have made it more cozy, but still breezy and warm and inviting, with the best Spanish music stream of Boleros, Tangos and Salsas and a Dance Ball to keep you dancing in style.
Here’s a few peeks at the New Kari’s Kantina del Mar…I hope you will join us all  on Friday, July 19th at 12pm noon slt and be be-witched for an hour by an amazing musician!
Here’s your TP to take you to the door! See you the 19th! Don’t miss this show!! TP to Kari’s


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4 Responses to Seba Sideways is Back! @ The New Kari’s Kantina del Mar

  1. Beautifully done I wish you much success

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  2. Awww thank so much!


  3. Karima, an eloquent and divinely written piece… and wishing you much success!

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  4. Joey says:

    Reblogged this on Joey's Café and commented:
    Party on folks! Celebrate with us the SL- Comeback of Seba Sideways, musician extraordinnaire in RL and SL, on FRIDAY, 19th 2019 in Kari’s New Kantina del Mar!

    Nat has already blogged it (in German) and for those of you who don’t yet follow hers or Karima’s blog (you absolutely should!) here is what Karima wrote:


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