Candles glowing in the darkUnique

100 candles burning on the tables and the floor
each one danced and flickered with the salt-sprayed wind;
but one was a little different than all the rest,
it moved to another force, something not outside but within.
When the breeze blew in from the sea,
99 candles flickered, their light bending like palm trees
in a hurricane ,
but one candle didn’t waver, didn’t go out, didn’t dim,
a rarity among candles, unexplained , so different than the rest

The light in her eyes was what drew him in
when, just as the sun was setting, she smiled at him,
and accepted a dance, innocently with some hesitation,
while 99 candles danced on the table tops and the floor;
but one, instead of dancing, just bewitched that moment
and reflected in her eyes, dark blue, like the sea
pounding the pilings.
It allowed him, for one split second to see inside
and he never forgot the girl that night, so unlike all the rest

Karima Hoisan
July 10, 2019
Costa Rica

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2 Responses to Unique

  1. Oh my Karima, I love, love, love the first 3 lines. Captured me!

    Liked by 1 person

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