InFront Housing

Hello all,

I hope you are well and safe and helping to contain this Corona Virus by staying in your homes and being creative.
When Nat and I were asked to do this project, by our good friend, DB Bailey (in Second Life) Architect David Denton, in the real world, we loved it at first sight.
We were aware of the homeless problem, especially in California, and were taken by this innovative design that truly is a Win/Win for the community and people in desperate need of low cost housing.

The project model was built by DB Bailey, above on our sim, at LINC Island, and we filmed it there. Thank you all who gave up a Saturday morning to be part of our film, and bring some life to the neighborhood.
I have made this video public on my Channel, so many people can see this unique idea. I just ask, on YouTube, that your comments be respectful and serious, as people from the Los Angeles, building and planning commissions, will be reviewing it.
At this very moment, in mid pandemic, it is not on the top of everyone’s minds, but, after the quarantine is over, people will still be needing housing desperately. Maybe even more than before.
Let Nat and I know what you think….and enjoy! Likes and Comments always welcome:)

Nat has a great post in German too. You can read it here

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9 Responses to InFront Housing

  1. Joey says:

    Lovely! I am grateful I could take (a very minor) part in this wonderful project. Best of luck!

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  2. Thanks Joey.. So glad you liked it! It’s always a big pleasure to have you on board with us:):)

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  3. daleinnis says:

    Such a fascinating idea! Happy also to have played a small part, fixing that wall. 🙂 And the video is terrific; the Team always finding something new!

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  5. How did this project go? My daughter lives in L.A., so I had heard something about the county wanting people to build tiny homes on their lots for the homeless. However, it didn’t sound like people were too enthused about the idea. Nice video.

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    • Hi Dawn, yes unfortunately the timing for this project couldn’t have been worse.. We released the movie to show the City Commissioners March 30th 2020… Just at the very beginning of the pandemic… Housing was put on the back burner..and as you say..some didn’t want these houses in front even though they generated revenue for the home owner.. It was an ambitious idea at the wrong time.

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  6. Oh yes and we learned a lot while shooting this which led to more commercial work, for us, with the architect… Thanks for watching it..


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