Bird Life in The Dry Season


Clay-Colored Thrush_photo by Roger Scott

Bird Life in The Dry Season

A lazy, warm and slightly sensual day unfolding with barely a breeze,
Blinking light in tropical greens, shadows on the branches twist and tease.
Floating high above the canopy, puffs of cotton pretending to be clouds,
The robin’s song, echoing in robin throats ,“ Choose me! No, choose me!”
As the age-old battle of finding a mate unfolds, in every strata of every tree.

Nest building, egg sitting, stuffing beaks with ripe bananas, flitting, flying and feeding,
Cicadas starting up their motors, blaring sirens of insect-looped insanity.
It’s hot outside; it’s dry but now and then a grey cloud stealthily drifts by,
Pretending it might bring rain, but not before those hungry little beaks have learned to fly,
Not until the summer months, have nurtured fledglings in their first flight, up to the sky.

This is what it’s all about, for the outdoor dwellers who fly high over my land.
They pair up, they create new lives and care for them, each throwing in a hand.
Do they not feel pride or regret when their little offspring leave them, for new trees then?
I imagine they sit, on branches, observing the empty nests, nodding in agreement;
“Ah yes, we have been lucky…It’s been a very good dry season!”

*Please click HERE to hear its song. Many times they will begin to sing before daylight

Karima Hoisan
February 22, 2020
Costa Rica

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11 Responses to Bird Life in The Dry Season

  1. The Yigüirro (Clay-Colored Thrush or Clay-Colored Robin) Is the National Bird of Costa Rica. Why did we choose such a drab bird when we have such colorful ones? Just listen to it sing! Click the link!

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  2. ronald174 says:

    Such a rich, sonorous poem! Your words can visualize a forest teeming and alive with life. With sound. With colors and feathered families. Beautifully done, Karima. You are truly the word master (mistress?). Nice.

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  3. Thank you Ronald! I am glad I was able to bring you here on a hot lazy but teeming- with -life, day:) Awww I am so glad you think so. You are one of my most loyal and supportive friends:)


  4. Karima, your mastery of the written word is as diverse and exquisite as a rivulet flowing to the sea.

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  5. Thank you Lance…the beautiful weather of the dry season, makes me think in rhyme 🙂 I am not always such a rhymer, but the little busy parent birds.. also pushed me into it too:):)


  6. This is a fantastic image: “puffs of cotton pretending to be clouds.” Again: you do really well with setting. That whole opening stanza came to life!

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  7. Well it only rains in the afternoons and it always feels welcome when it comes..Thank you again for delving into my poetry..and seeing things..I miss:):)


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