Please Stay!

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Gino arranging pillows

Please Stay!
For Gino

You seem to be haunting us all quite evenhandedly
I had a dream and then he had a dream and she told me
she had a dream about you..

In her dream, I gave you permission to come back and live here
in this house, and in any form; even as a ghost you would be welcome.
Of course you are welcome..this house is more yours than mine or any of us..
You poured in such love, groomed plants to fill us with extra oxygen
Carried food to where we worked, tucked us all in at night.
All day, even when I don’t see you, I sense you are close,
feeding the parrot, arranging the flowers making me laugh until I cry.
You Are this house, part of the very fabric, and even death can not release you.
It is our honor to have you keep residing here, walking through the rooms,
waving your hand and strewing peace and joy like incense, that surrounds us.
We knew this house was magical, and we knew who helped to keep that magic safe.
Even if we can’t catch a side-eyed view, of your specter in a mirror some day,
We know you are still hard at work, the keeper of the keys, of all our history,
the keeper of our hearts and all our secrets, your noble soul; we are your destiny.

Your footsteps can still be heard on the arabesque tiles in the hall,
that you strode with such grace and if you choose to hover here
floating and watching over forever; we all say, a definitive, “Yes! Please stay.”

Karima Hoisan
June 28, 2020
Costa Rica

En Español

Por Favor Quédate!
Para Gino

Parece que nos persigue a todos de manera bastante imparcial
Tuve un sueño y luego él tuvo un sueño y ella me contó
que ella tuvo un sueño contigo …

En su sueño, te di permiso para volver y vivir aquí,
en esta casa y en cualquier forma; incluso como fantasma serías bienvenido.
Por supuesto, de nada … esta casa es más tuyo que la mía o de cualquiera de nosotros …
Vertiste tanto amor, cuidaste las plantas para llenarnos de oxígeno extra
Llevaste comida a donde trabajamos, Dijiste, “Pasen buenas noches” a todos por la noche.
Todo el día, incluso cuando no te veo, siento que estás cerca,
alimentando al loro, arreglando las flores haciéndome reír hasta que lloro.
Eres esta casa, parte de la tela misma, e incluso la muerte no puede liberarte.
Es un honor tenerte seguir viviendo aquí, caminando por las habitaciones.
agitando tu mano y esparciendo paz y alegría como incienso, que nos rodea.
Sabíamos que esta casa era mágica, y sabíamos quién ayudó a mantener esa magia a salvo.
Incluso si no podemos ver una vista lateral, de su espectro en un espejo algún día,
Sabemos que todavía estás trabajando duro, el guardián de las llaves, de toda nuestra historia,
el guardián de nuestros corazones y todos nuestros secretos, tu noble alma; fuimos tu destino

Tus pasos todavía se pueden escuchar en el pasillo de azulejos arabescos
que caminaste con tanta gracia y si elige pasar el rato aquí
flotando y velando por siempre; todos decimos definitivamente: “¡Sí! Por favor quédate.”


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12 Responses to Please Stay!

  1. daleinnis says:

    Beautiful. It is wonderful when they can stay with us like this. He was lucky to be with you, you were (all) lucky to have him. And to still have him! The spirit of the house, of the place, of the little community.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. My pleasure Dale and thank you for appreciating him vicariously and how he was so much a part of everything here…and seems he is still:) Gino was one of a kind, so it seems natural he is hanging close and being himself…Pure love and service…even beyond death..

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  3. Steve Rogers says:

    I like thinking about a ghost being welcomed. Unless he wants to be elsewhere, of course!

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  4. Hoyt says:

    Ohhh Karima! The eulogies you come up with are always so profound. The keeper of .the house! That was Gino. And you are the keeper of Gino’s legacy. And there is no better person than you to safeguard his legacy and keep it intact. Because of you, many of us carry a loving piece of Gino with us. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dear Karima, you fill all who are fortunate enough with the oxygen of your heart, soul, and mind. Your literary accomplishments are tools for writers to use and become more proficient. You are quite amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You make me wish I could read and write other languages better. I can understand just enough to get by and appreciate this in both forms.

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