Round n’ Round–revisited

Much of my virtual day is spent in making machinmas (screen capture videos) with my video other half, Natascha Randt. As Nat is recuperating from an illness and not able to do that with me, the next best thing,for me, is to remember some of our productions, that were fun, or profound or just silly.

I would like to share this one we made 2 years ago. The poem was born from the music you hear, a kalimba piece (thumb piano) known as ” Kalimba solo for Lotus” by SaReGaMa . It has that delightful haunting music box sound and so I wrote a poem in that vein..a “shopping list of things that change and loop around:).

The little girl, “my daughter” is played by Natascha and I of course, am the mother:)

I did all the voices in this one.
We had lots of fun making this and hope you here on WordPress, will enjoy it too. Our only objective in making these films, is to delight and entertain.. I hope you think we succeeded. Please watch on YouTube in HD and fullscreen for full enjoyment.

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10 Responses to Round n’ Round–revisited

  1. daleinnis says:

    I love this one! It brings up all sorts of Steampunk plots in my mind, which I will not spell out to avoid spoilers.

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  2. Ahh thanks Dale for holding yourself back:) Glad you enjoyed seeing it again…Get well soon Nat!! Let’s make more!!


  3. Muchas gracias Christian!!:) Me alegro de que te haya gustado:)


  4. Woah Karima! This was a different facet of your work I witnessed today. And I loved it. What magical world you took me with the visuals, and your voice (it was your voice, right?)…awesome.

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    • Smiles big..Yes a different facet it is..The machinimas I make with my German film partner, Natascha, who I have never met in real life. The poem and voices (little girl too) are mine. We work together on every scene, brainstorming it, until we shoot it. If you are interested in our process, the post before this one, gives you a meta view of how we work:) Hope you will watch it and enjoy. As always, thank you for taking the time to comment, Sundaram:) You can find that video here: Peace!


  5. Thank you Sundaram, comments and support like yours..always inspires:)


  6. cbholganza says:

    Praying Nat gets well soon. Stay safe now.

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