Sea Me!

Artist Vicente Romero

Sea Me!

I remember when you were the sea..

Face to face with your immensity
I say “I do.”
I say “Marry me into your infinity”
Just let your riptide pull me through.
I have this heavy piece of baggage,
now I let it sink right into you.
Pull my feet out from under me
and I will wander on the bottom sands
of your deepest darkest blue.
Sea me

I am in such surrender,
as I leave behind the shore,
like a buoy in your bay
I strip myself of me and more…
My fate guides me day by day
Hope breaks; It crests,
and pounds me to the floor.
I go beyond all horizons,

you hypnotic ocean,
bobbing, lolling, in constant motion,
I’m swimming again in your magic potion.
Sea me

Karima Hoisan
July 24, 2005
Dominical Costa Rica

(En Español)


Recuerdo cuando eras el mar ..

Cara a cara con tu inmensidad
Yo digo “acepto”.
Yo digo “Cásate conmigo en tu infinito”
Deja que tu marejada me pase adelante
Tengo esta pesada pieza de equipaje
ahora dejo que se hunda en ti.
Saca mis pies de debajo de mí
y vagaré por las arenas del fondo
de tu más profundo azul oscuro.

Estoy en tal entrega
mientras dejo atrás la orilla,
como una boya en tu bahía
Me despojo de mí y más …
Mi destino me guía dia a dia
La esperanza se rompe; se eleva
y me golpea contra el suelo.
Voy más allá de todos los horizontes,
tú océano hipnótico,
balanceándose, colgando, en constante movimiento,
Estoy nadando de nuevo en tu poción mágica.

Karima Hoisan
24 de julio de 2005
Dominical Costa Rica

*La palabra “márame” no existe, pero igual como en el Inglés es un juego de palabras
Con el frase, “mirame”
Un poco de licenciatura poética

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9 Responses to Sea Me!

  1. An older one I found in a drawer and tweaked it a bit:)

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  2. daleinnis says:

    The same poetic pun in two different languages? Amazing. 🙂 And it doesn’t feel at all forced, the sea is in reality a verb as well as a noun, and the act of seeing someone can hit like a wave. Beautiful!

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  3. Joel Abakah says:

    I just imagined the sea as a person and related to the dialogue by conveying emotions of wanting to be drawn in by a person so dear.
    Such a lovely poem, Karima💚

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  4. Karima, that is a wonderful poem. Fairytale and mystical. We are gently taken into another world. Thoughts wander somewhere and show something we don’t know. Where are we going?
    🌺🙂 !🌺🦋🌺

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