Dealing With Demons on YouTube

Hi everyone,

I wrote this poem and made a soundtrack last December in 2019,
and very few people clicked to listen to it…so I am re-posting it as a YouTube, with some pretty amazing images by Omar Rayyan who along with the music,  by Suduaya inspired my writing this.  This is pretty dark, but also carries some sound advice and a happy ending:)  Enjoy it. Turn up the volume! For those who can’t understand all the words, or for translation purposes, I will write out the poem below.

If only love can kill a demon;
only love can cure a demon,
all those lashing tails and tongues
snapping at your heels.
If you run, they’ll chase you…..
If you stand your ground, they’ll eat you,
but if you love them, you can stop them in their tracks.
Extract their fangs!
Clip their claws!
Close their eyes!
Pin their jaws!
And hug them tight,
without hurting them at all!
They’re wounded….
Hug them like a tango
Hug them with a whisper in their ear!
Hug them like you’ve loved them all your life!
Hug them with commitment and No Fear!

They’ll be…
Falling at your feet,
Bowing down upon the ground
Humbled, tamed and changed.
Hear their voices, they’ll tell you,
“I need help,”
such a plaintive evil voice,
“I need your help”
“I can’t do it alone.”
If you are who you say you are,
it should be easy….
Easy to forgive their scales and barbed tails
Easy to forget; they almost killed you, betrayed you, maligned your name.
But, when you loved them anyway,
They could no longer slay you alive, steam roll over you
They could not scare the pale halo off of you,
that’s floating round your head.

Only love can cure a demon
Only the touch of an innocent can change dark alchemy into spun gold manes.
Can you imagine being like them?
Trapped in their malignancy depraved?
Stroke them, give them hope,
Whisper, “It will be all right..the sun will rise on the other side for you”
Then….make them spin…spin in all benevolence!
Spin them until they’re dizzy with being cherished and held dear!
How they start to smooth..and soften those hard edges
horns falling off as you spin them faster ‘n faster.
Turn them into puffs and cream, turn them into rainbow dreams.
Make them your puppy dog that follows you day and night.
Make them mirror all the goodness they received.
Make them believe..if only they believe
that love is stronger than anything they can achieve!
Only love can cure a demon.
It’s the only way.
Only love from an innocent heart
can disarm the beast..and make him meek
so they too can inherit the earth
the afterlife
all the worlds to come.
Only love can kill a demon… true
Only love can cure a demon… too!
Don’t kill the demon; give it a second chance!
Only love can cure a demon!
Only love can cure a demon!

Karima Hoisan
December 30, 2019
Costa Rica


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18 Responses to Dealing With Demons on YouTube

  1. daleinnis says:

    I love this version! Your voice is still very audible, and the instrumental track is powerful. Amazing pictures, too. Great framing of a great poem.

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    • Thanks Dale, you know I wasn’t happy with the first as the powerful track was too low and my voice too high..I do like it balanced might lose a few words..but there they are below..Omar Rayyan is just so unique and a master artist on top! Finally, I am happy with it after almost a year:):) of fiddling.

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  2. Samreen Asad says:

    Wow that’s beautiful Karima, loved your voice, soundtrack, pictures and everything. Well done!! Though as you said it’s dark but positivity and hope in the end. Love can sure mend and bend anything 😊❤️

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  3. Love is a powerful force it helps change and move good souls. Dealing with demons loving them I found this unproductive as they take the love and turn it into something bad to return at you. There are special Divine Beings who deal with these creatures and it is their job. Bless you

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    • Thank you for commenting and I know you probably have much more experience in this than I ever will… I understand what you are saying too, but we can give them love and not live with them..or be too close:) We can love them and let them go on their way…living with demons is another story…I have tried and failed twice in my life.//but then there are our own demons..those I think need love and understanding:)

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  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    WOW. Wonderful, Karima, and so true. Love really is the only way. ❤🙏

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  5. Wow! This one and The Swamp House …
    Not for long and you will release an Album on Itunes:)

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  6. Hoyt says:

    A perfect message for these times Miss Karima. There are many demons lurking about of late. To many to slay. This age-old philosophy you espouse has been adopted and used by the likes of Dr King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, a famous guy that was hung on a cross and a host of others. Your piece here along with the visuals, and music is the perfect metaphor for this philosophy. And much more poignant now then it was a mere 11 months ago.

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  7. Aww thank you Hoyt..I know my message is not new hehe many greats before me lived by this code, but I am glad you enjoyed it to an electronic beat and some beautifully-bizarre photos by the Master of Beast portraits, Omar Rayyan! So glad you approve and feel it timely..Yes when I wrote this end of 2019, who could know what a demon 2020 would be?


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