Brakeman on the Tracks


I feel the Big Bang pushing from behind
so there is no staying still.
I got on this train my very first day,
and I’m still riding.
It’s taking me further out into the universe…
I know it’s really pushing systems and planets,
much bigger than me,
but I feel its heat blowing on the back of my neck.
It makes me go on sometimes,
even when I don’t want to;
all I can do is move forward, continually.
There is no swimming against the stream,
no standing still and saying I’m done changing;
I’m done moving, I will not take a sunrise today,
just leave my room in moonlight
and stop the universe in its kinetic loop,
pushing us forward, on our marathon journey,
through the stars… the months,
the deaths and births we see and touch
along our way….

Well… until death gets our attention
or knocks on our window
and pushes us through to another side;
where I imagine we do continue moving forward,
unless of course we just fall into the dreamless sleep.
When Death stops my train like a brakeman on the tracks.
I wonder if I will be ready, or caught off guard
in my star-burst ballet and just drop to the floor
more surprised than accepting?
I would hope, I could be gracious, right up to the end,
look Death in the face, smiling, because,
“What a run it all has been!”
Instead of fear and pleading,
pure gratitude and surrender…
and wave to him, to just climb on in.

Karima Hoisan
October 7, 2020
Costa Rica

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20 Responses to Brakeman on the Tracks

  1. daleinnis says:

    Beautiful and deep stuff. How we deal with life, and death, is all the same. Very well said!


  2. Smiles big, thank you Dale, for always understanding my ramblings:):)

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  4. yassy says:

    Good stuff.. great verse , I can relate.


  5. Thank you glad you could! Thank you too, for leaving your comment. I really appreciate when people do that:)


  6. From birth we get on our own train journey we are pushed and guided if we allow it until we come to the end of the track, our number is called it is time to return home. Beautifully written Karima Blessings

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  7. Jeff Flesch says:

    Lovely, Karima.❤️

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  8. Hoyt says:

    Ruca, this is lovely and so right on. A theme you have visited a number of times. And questions any of us might ask. Will I be ready? Caught off guard? Drop to the floor? Surprised or excepting? I like the idea of the train blasting down the track through time and then…the metaphoric brakeman making his sudden, surprising move! Telling us it’s time. Your slight of hand with words is more intact than eve

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    • Thank you Hoyt, yes this could be called one of my central themes..the moving forward and the train metaphor, I have used many times before..but this time I saw the clearly..and it made me ponder personally, if I would be ready to meet him?:)
      I always wait for your comments, you know that:) and this one uplifted my poetic soul. Only you Ruco!!


  9. Beautiful! I am amazed at the way you have used the metaphors. Awesome

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  10. Samreen Asad says:

    Very well written Karima! 👏Beautiful and rightly you conveyed. Indeed, we shall keep moving forward and live for life for you never know when death comes knocking at our door. ❤️😊

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  11. annefoley1 says:

    Your images and words are so striking! “Star burst ballet” and “universe in kinetic loop.” Your creativity inspires me!

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