Two Poems for Umahmad

Lady in Red for book 2

Mated Beauty
For Umahmad
In your arms, my pain meets a higher call
To transform obediently tonight
Into a funny child with laughing eyes
Who glows over the room with gentle light.
The gifts we get are measured and beloved,
The Writer of our book knows just the time
To leave a present when we ache too much;
A healing salve to cure a soul sublime.
So lie beside me, hear the morning call.
Our prayers today beginning side by side,
Before we rise to give our thanks on knees,
Tell me you feel our destiny’s still tied.
I kiss you, not with a lover’s passion,
But from a deeper need that lies here, too.
The search for that one soul to bind entwined
My mated beauty, you and only you! 


If I Should Write A Love Poem
(With Threads of Gold)
For Umahmad
If I should write one poem of my love
To you, it would be wrapped in threads of gold,
For you have been the treasure of my life,
Singular piece released from Allah’s hold.
Words stammer not, but flow like sacred prayer.
In golden threads of spider’s web I cling,
The intricacies of our lover’s tale
Trap me above all lesser mundane things.
Your aura glows around your raven hair;
Our bodies glide, the straight path we do choose,
As evening light leaves golden threads behind
We bow, and pray our course to never lose.
You are for me my purest loving truth,
Golden threads tied to our souls do bind.
Our love affair, uncommon though it be,
Has lasted when all others fell behind.
How subtle and sublime this feels to me,
Love bound in threads of gold, eternally.

Karima Hoisan
Jordan 2004



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27 Responses to Two Poems for Umahmad

  1. daleinnis says:

    These are beautiful and moving! I’m glad you’ve found them and decided to share; thank you.

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  2. Diana says:

    So divine, Karima! ‘My mated beauty’…loved this.. These 2 poems truly show the immense love you had for her. Thank you for sharing this. True love always lasts forever, even if our bodies turn to dust. Be blessed my dear. You are a shining light in the world of Love. 🌹💖🙏🎇

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  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    WOW. Karima, these are so beautiful. The language is so elegant and weaved together so wonderfully. You are such an inspiration.❤️

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  4. Thank too:) Mine depends on if my muse gets inspired..hopefully she will remain so:):)


  5. These are so beautiful. So sophisticated, so elegant.

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  6. The depth of this love you talk about… no… that wafts from you, through you…the purity and spirituality… it wraps us all in its golden threads. You leave me with an uplifting, surreal air… and suddenly I get reaffirmed that poetry is the way of life… the essence of it. I feel like writing it… living it. Thanks for making me feel this way Karima. Needless to say, the poems were pure delight.

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    • Oh Sundaran!! Your words! Poetry can be a medium to touch the essence, our essences, I think. I would love to see you writing it..The fact you told me that my reading, made you feel this way, is maybe one of the most powerful and yet sublime compliments on what I do. Thank you dear friend for your wise depth and your beautiful soul. I have been and am so lucky to know you! All my poetry written for Umahmad came in a way, even I don’t understand..automatically, bursting out of me, with hardly time to read what I was saying..It was my voice of course, but it was, sometimes, like another voice, and I the mere scribe, just capturing it as it came, and writing it down! To delight you with poetry is my pleasure Sundaran…thank you again, for your beautiful replies…Always!

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  7. Samreen Asad says:

    Reading your beautiful effortless words about Umahmad, I so have this curiosity to learn more about her. She really must be a wonderful soul as your love for her clearly depicts that. ❤️ Since the time I have read about her, I so feel compelled to know why and where she went for some years away from you Karima but I try to hold my curiosity back as I suppose not everything needs to be told. My heart aches everytime I read about your beautiful bond. May Allah bless you Habeebity always. ❤️🤗❤️

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    • Ahh Samreen, Umahmad,her story her history, is a twisting turning novel of a reality…Every time I think of it, to try to tell it, I feel overwhelmed. I have thought about writing it all, but then I decide not poetry, my poems about her, give small glimpses into an almost 5 year relationship in Jordan, and 6 months 2010 and 2012 in the USA.
      We met in 2001, she was an Iraqi widow, illegal refugee in Jordan and with 4 children. I took her in as someone to help me with my home, and preparing endless dinner parties that seemed to be held every other night for all the family:) I bet you understand..but…the first day she came to my door.. well I saw someone so different than I expected..We had an instant click although at that point, my Arabic was poor, having married my husband and moved to Jordan in 2000. Let me share a small snippet I did write with you..since you have showed me you are interested:)

      Umahamd was my gift. .and I knew it the first time I set eyes on her..

      She was about to be my maid that day. .and I was so irritated at O., my husband, for sleeping through the morning unable to fill his necessary position of translator between us.
      She spoke only Arabic and I only Spanish and English, There she was, ,poised in the doorway of our apartment in Karak, a provincial Crusader castle town in the south of Jordan that chilly fall day of 2002.
      She came in with a “asalaam alaykum”(peace be unto you) and I politely answered
      “wa alaykum salaam”(and also to you)
      We quickly checked each other out as woman have a tendency to do, even subconsciously I suspect. We both made a quick eye sweep up and down, and then I said “please come in” gesturing to enter .
      I had no idea who this woman would be to me, not even a faint intuition that she and I could actually become friends of the deepest kind, but in my fast scan of her face I saw beauty not usually found in domestic employees , an almost movie star quality with an aquiline profile, which made me think of a proud black- maned knight on the chessboard..
      She was robed in a long ebony abaya a sheer light weight over-garment cooler than it looked and made for hot weather. It protected her body shape as well as it could from the eyes of strangers, and strange men in particular, and it protected her virgin skin from the merciless desert sun. She was maybe 5’ 6’’ and strong of build, a sensual pull on the
      robe in certain spots hinted at a well formed arch back
      and her skin was shockingly white, and without blemish. Her large black eyes, long straight nose and naturally full lips gave her the appearance of many different stars all seen on the big screen, but mixed and combined so it was impossible to say “oh she looks just like so and so) She looked a lot like many cinematic goddesses, and when she walked through my front door, I was given a living example of another way for human transport. She did not walk, she floated, glided over the carpet like a smooth graceful hovercraft. To the last day I watched her glide away, I was never sure how she could do that, effortlessly she made it seem, like she was always in an invisible bubble of zero gravity, and it was all she could do to keep from floating away out of sight.

      Her last chapter of her life, is captured in this post of mine in 2012..if you are interested in all the in between..I will be so happy to share it:)

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      • Samreen Asad says:

        Wow, that is something surreal you have written, I felt as if imagining the whole story and every word of yours felt as if I am looking at her through your eyes. I suppose she was one of her kind. I read my gliding beauty and trust me it felt like my heart turned heavy, you write so well Karima that the one reading your poems would go deep inside standing to actually see the whole scenario, believe and empathize your emotions, it’s just magical to read and listen to you. ❤️❤️❤️
        Umahmad through your writings has left a mark on my heart and I will remember her for the longest time. 🥰🤗❤️
        Take care habeebity, I adore and respect you so much ❤️😊


    • This is the 2nd part of that scene..:)
      I led Umhamed into my small kitchen, with big sliding glass windows that looked down the hill at similar leggo-style apartments that were so common in Jordan . Even though they all were cut in the same style, the stone siding and the balconies and imaginative window framing, made them not unpleasing to the eye. The second floor room was cool and there was a crisp fall breeze that shook the panes, as we sat across from each other at my square white plastic breakfast table. Then there was a long pause as I studied her face in repose and realized there was no way on earth I was going to make her understand what I wanted her to do, to clean my apartment that day. She was my Iraqi refugee maid(this was all I knew about her) and I wasn’t even sure how to say “clean, dishes, bed,

      vacuum, dust” the basic vocabulary necessary, so we remained a bit too long just staring at each other until the impossibility of communicating anything with her or she with me struck me so funny, I smirked involuntarily. She saw it and half-smiled back. My eyes twinkled , I felt the rise of hysteria because of the ludicrousness of it all. Lack of communication can get you killed or it can make you die laughing depending upon who you do it with. Her eyes told me she was seeing the same humorous side of our predicament and her eyes just bubbled. I saw them overflow and the outer corners crinkled, and I burst out laughing, almost spitting on the table. She followed suit. It looked like her cheeks were filling from the inside with helium until they finally just bwaaah, burst and she popped out in a broad spontaneous laugh.
      . I laughed harder and tears on both our cheeks ran down our respectively in that fabulous hysteria of spirit that bonded without words, telling us instinctively we were like souls who had “light blood” the Arabic expression for good sense of humor, jovial personalities.
      I said something in English and it made her laugh even harder. She answered me in Arabic and I held my stomach in. I couldn’t control it now, I went right over the top of normal silliness into the realm of total hysterical combustion. She was right there with me, didn’t miss a beat. We grabbed on to each other’s forearms like two drowning raucous victims laughing and crying and at least for me , we bonded as two kindred souls for all eternity right there in my kitchen. I will never forget that day. I will never forget the first 15 or 20 minutes of shared humor .. I drew pictures on the back of an envelope to try and explain myself, I sketched stick figures washing dishes and she laughed even harder. We tried charades, pointing and pantomiming chore movements.. I fell in love with her that naseeb morning. I knew instinctively, she would be so much more than my
      maid, and I was totally correct in my assessment. Two years later I laughed again with her like that, but in the wide open pink sand spaces of Wadi Rum
      Three years later after a love lived like few others, fate turned again and she was gone.

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      • Samreen Asad says:

        It’s very painful to read her whole story and makes me wonder some people have to go through so much, it’s like a story of a movie, I can so imagine you two laughing, praying, her walk, beauty and a void she left in you. ❤️❤️❤️

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    • email is I will write to you tomorrow when you give me yours.. Hugss

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  8. Hoyt says:

    These beautiful poems of love could not be better written. You have immortalized her for the ages with your glowing words. A great gift. ❤️

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    • Thank you so much Hoyt! Yes, they have stood the test of time…they help me conjure up what I felt, when she was still in my life..Thank you the way,,,you missed my reading….but I recorded it. I even mentioned you about your photo of San Diego swimmers:)


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