An Ode To Code

                                    Avatar Follower Script by Dale Innis

I adore scripters! That is no news for people who know me well.

Builders and scripters are what bring life to Second Life.
A builder, a good one, can build anything at all, but it is not going to move without a script in it.
A builder one time, an excellent one, built a Brahma Bull for me, just like we have here in Costa Rica,
The problem just stood there, looking great but could not move.
It took finding an expert scripter to take the bull, literally all apart, just to make it possible to raise his head in a few angles, but that alone, with a sound of bellowing brought a little life to an inanimate animal.

People in the coding world, our software engineers who speak coding languages like C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, laugh at the language that runs Second Life.
Linden Labs, the creator of this virtual world back in 2003, reportedly, as rumor has it, invented the Linden Scripting Language over a  weekend.

For you coding geeks reading this.. here are some of the things “real coders “find crazy about this language:

1. That you can put anything in a list… except another list.

2. Quaternions as a basic type!

3. That lists are immutable, and can be changed only by making a modified copy..

4. All the built-in functions starting with “ll”

But, I am here to say, that it works!!

It makes our world move, like in the real world and sometimes even better:)
This is why 8 years ago, I posted my poem and original music made into a video with partner Natascha Randt, that honors, that crazy-overnight-invented language that makes SL function.
It is a tribute to Linden Scripting Language and the avatars who speak, write and create in it. It is a tribute to my scripting partner, Dale Innis, who magically helps my pushing- the -envelope- come true and be realized.

I have an expression, “To build is sublime…but to animate is Divine”
Make it Move!…because you can!

Please watch on YouTube in HD and Full screen and Enjoy!

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16 Responses to An Ode To Code

  1. daleinnis says:

    This is, naturally, a favorite of mine. 🙂 I often say that I came to SL originally because the building and scripting sounded interesting, and then I stayed for the amazing people. And that’s true! But the scripting (and building except that I am bad at it haha) are very cool, too.

    And your words and video and voice captures all of that interaction so well!

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    • So glad you came and stayed:) and you should qualify that maybe building is not your forte *nor mine either, but you know what you are doing scripting!! You are a wonderful, creative,out-of the-box scripter who makes things move and function!! Thank you for all of that!!


  2. Jeff Flesch says:

    Oh, I love, “To build is sublime…but to animate is Dive.” That is lovely, Karima. My oldest son is going to University for computer programming and engineering. I can’t wait to talk with him about Second Life. I think he will also find it fascinating! Oh, and the video is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing, Karima. Have a lovely week. 😊🙏


    • Wow Jeff, that’s great your son is going to be a programmer…Many of my friends in Second Life are too:) I even took a 6 month course in Python to get an idea what they are talking about..It did help, but also clarified to me, that I am more of a poet and idea person, than a scripter:) hehe. Still I find it fascinating as you can tell in our video and really admire those who can write code, like I can write Spanish. They have my admiration!! Glad you watched the video too..Was one of the first Natascha and I started to do together:):) way back in 2012 Thank you again for your support Jeff!.


  3. Samreen Asad says:

    Oh habeebity you are amazing ❤️🥰 Your voice as I had said prior also flows so effortlessly into your ears, just soothes your mind and one can hear you for hours. MashaAllah 💕 Kudos to your talent, you are a poet, a performer, a musician (that I didn’t know) and the way you decode your thoughts is beautiful. Loved the video ❤️ You are such an inspiration UmJulian 🤗🤗❤️❤️

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    • Habeebity, thank you for reading this post and even watching our video. I had an idea, this post would not get many comments (and I think I am right:) People who don’t code. look at the whole subject, like a math test hehe, instead of what it really is, another language, that takes language skills to be able to read and write in it. But virtual world scripters are writing all the code, that in our world already does exist…all these things that make babies grow into adults is already here MashAllah,we did not have to invent, DNA and the genetic codes that already exist. In the virtual, they must be thought about and written. I am so glad you loved the video…I have the greatest admiration for anyone who speaks these magical languages, that keep our real world going at this very minute:) Hugs and much appreciation for your comment UmAnzar:):)🙏❤️🤗❤️


  4. This is catchy. Has that vibe!

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  5. Never thought I would ever hear about coding from a poet. 😀 Your music is as mysterious as it gets, tugs at some obscure inquisitive part of brain that still believes in miracles, and magic. Can’t imagine what all goes into making a picture move… you make me appreciate all the animated movies I’ve loved. Awesome Karima…thanks for sharing…🙏👍🙏

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    • Smiling big Sundaram…it’s not really such a contradiction code is a language, not math(I was terrible in math!!) but I took six months of Python to get the feeling of it..I mean, I knew I would never be a professional..but I actually wrote it at the end..and it helped me ask intelligent questions to my coder friends (of which there are Many in Second Life!) and actually find out about their day..Dale Innis, says that beautifully written code IS like poetry,, good poetry,, that it’s tight and concise and says much in just a few lines. He says he gets that rush of “wow” when he sees a really well-written code, just like he does reading a poem, that touches him in that “wow” place:) Yes this musical piece I wrote was even a surprise for me..I just thought of blinking green lights and then kind of tugged on a melody over the twinkling part..if that makes sense.. Thank you once again for your always-awaited comment..I love how your brain sees what I do:):) and Happy New Year!!🤗🙏❤️🌺🌸🌹✨

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      • Happy New Year Karima…🎊🎉🍀🍀 And yes tugging on a melody over the twinkling part makes a beautiful sense…👏👏
        I love how Dale related coding to poetry… Awesome… well poetry is a much wider concept anyways. Keep bringing poetry to life, Karima, with this enigmatic Second Life of yours. 🤜🤛🙏🌸🌸

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  6. Thank you my friend..and keep writing and never doubt you Are a writer..I wait for everything you publish..because it is always something special to read:):) Stay healthy, hopeful and creative..Let’s see what this years rolls out to be…❤️🙏🤗

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  7. Hoyt says:

    As the saying goes, “It’s all Greek to me!”

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