A Delicious Moment For A Haunting

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Please click the link to hear me recite it, to the music that inspired this poem.
Waltz in A Minor- Chopin   click here…  LINK

A Delicious Moment For a Haunting
              for Umahmad

It was a delicious moment for a haunting.
and yes…your timing was always the best.

You breezed in on this moonless night
As if you still owned my heart and me.

The perfume came in first,
filling the room… tickling our photographs.

Someone left the window open wide,
and you took it as your “Pase adelante”

Your personal invitation to materialize,
so that I would know without a doubt, who was here.

I was playing Chopin, another perfect irony,
and had my eyes closed lost in trills.

You blew a kiss over my hair.. grabbing a few strands,
softly slipping them through your fingers.

It was the sweetest bit of unreal air, that passed over me,
and I shivered and stumbled for a second on the keys.

The perfume, turned into that night blooming jasmine
you had planted near the window;

Ah was that the reason why? I never knew why there?
But of course, so you could come in and haunt my notes.

So you could come and haunt my nights,
when I was playing your favorite piece,

That even from the other side, not only did I remember you…
but you still remembered me….

Karima Hoisan
December 29th 2020
Costa Rica

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18 Responses to A Delicious Moment For A Haunting

  1. daleinnis says:

    Ohh exquisite.

    A delicious moment for a haunting! What a notion. And yet perfectly true and beautifully expressed. We are all haunted, in one way or another, and there are always perfect moments
    Thank you, yet again!

    If anyone reads this who hasn’t listened to the audio track, I strongly recommend that you do. The music, also, is perfect.

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    • Oh Dale…”exquisite” is a very powerful adjective.. it actually brought tears to my eyes, because it made me see how much you appreciate my poetry..and that is very beautiful for me:) Yes, we can be haunted by many things over our lifetime, but for sure in my case,it will have someone (including myself) playing the piano. Chopin, Satie, any piece that is minor, evocative of imagery and yes..romantic. It’s who I am, and how I am, and you know how music influences and helps me create my poetry.. Thank you dear friend for your last words too. I do hope people will take the time to listen to it with the Chopin accompaniment.


  2. Diana says:

    Wow!! I haven’t been to the cinema in over a year now, due to Covid, but this poem and your voice took me a dimension I will never forget!!! You write so beautifully, Karima. I love the way your voice flows. A haunting so romantic it gave me goosebumps!! ‘Perfume tickling the photographs’.. Simply stunning ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Stay blessed and happy always my dear. 💖💖💖💐💐💐🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Habeebity!! I just love this comment…Really, Diana if listening to the recording, took you to another dimension (like movies can do) well, that is the biggest compliment ever:): 🙏❤️
      Thank you so much for” getting me” for allowing me to transport you for a few minutes. I am smiling big because….you left such an inspiring comment on this poem.. May you be blessed and safe and wildly creative and fulfilled my dear.. Always 🌺❤️🤗🙏💐

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  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    WOW! That was AMAZING, Karima. I so love to hear you recite your poetry. What a lovely piece, and the depth of experience we get is that much greater through your reading. I adore, “…haunt my notes. …haunt my nights,…” That is fantastic. Well done, my friend! ❤️🙏😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Jeff.. I am glad you clicked the link to listen to it..I think it gives it more depth to hear poems recited and of course, now you know the music that inspired it. I was practicing playing it when this thought came to me..I still can’t play perfectly. like this recording..but I am working on it..my goal…. to play my own music to my poetry:) Thank you my friend for this inspiring comment:) 🙏❤️🌺

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  4. This is mind-boggling beautifully well written and powerful, Karima.

    I loved this in particular (and how you put these two lines into separate stanzas):

    … so you could come in and haunt my notes.

    So you could come and haunt my nights,



    • Awww..thank you David..so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you played the recording, because the music itself is so delicious:) I am very glad to have met you this year! Here’s to poetry and creativity, health and love and blessings always in 2021


  5. A “delicious” poem for sure. Nice work, Karima!


  6. Samreen Asad says:

    Ohh UmJulian, this is so extraordinary piece and while reading I had this immensely fervent feeling of love, the bond you shared with her, I know that already but whenever I read another one, I feel the warmth and cosiness always there deep seated. I was just visualizing the whole scenario, how delicious ws that moment for a haunting, beautiful, the flow of unreal air.. the jasmine plant.. haunt your nights… You remember her on the other side and so she does still.
    Your words breathe habeebity. And listening to your beautiful voice is always such a treat. To read and to listen you recite your poems have two different delicious flavors.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww thank you Habeebity! This poem was born from the music..as you probably guessed.
      Chopin painted the night and set the scene for a haunting of the nicer kind. Yes, she was someone so special to me…her life, her history, a true mystery, a true novel, as I say, never to be written..but always to be remembered.
      Thank you my dear new friend for really getting who she was to me…and getting me as a poet.
      If i never believed in platonic romance before..I certainly did after knowing her…and yet we were “only friends” I put “only” in quotes, because is that not the relationships that goes on, when romance fails and dies slowly..? To have a friend that you shared such a history with, is to have a gift that teaches so much. I would have never learned or appreciated what I did, if I had not known her, loved her and lost her… She was such a teacher for me, but behind every lesson, is always Allah. Alhamdulillah! Big hugs to you UmAnzar and I look forward to sharing our thoughts , our histories and our poetry in 2021. ❤️❤️🤗🤗🙏🙏

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      • Samreen Asad says:

        Pleasure is all mine always to read your beautiful work habeebity ❤️🤗 I know and can very well understand your love for her, that so reflects from your writings❤️😊 Yes, indeed Allah teaches us at every step, it is us who needs to get the teachings rightfully. Lucky are those who gets them. Big hugs and lots of love to you as well UmJulian ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗 I so look forward to, too knowing you more InshaAllah 🥰💕💝

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  7. Me too UmAnzar..me too:):)🤗❤️🌹😍


  8. Hoyt says:

    Your words, voice, and Chopin’s piano, come together to bring this visitor back to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Hoyt, I hope it brought you back to me, as it seems to have done:) You know what a music “junkie” I am…can’t get enough of the good stuff, like Chopin, Badalamenti, Dylan:)


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