for A.


I tried to reach out to you…
after so many years of silence,
of knowing we were both still alive
and yet we no longer talked.

It wasn’t even indifference, because,
well, I believed that that could never be,
and it wasn’t that we ended badly..
not at all; we both knew, it was time to leave.

We just slipped through each other’s lives
unconnected and invisibly.
Time marched on and we stayed tucked away
in a few scattered pictures and fading memories.

But I still relived those years,
sometimes on full moon nights
I heard you whistle from the pasture
riding your horse under a fluorescent sky.

So what a surprise when I called you
to tell you that I had dreamed of you
and to thank you, for all those years we lived
when we were young and made our own magic.

In this time of death and uncertainty,
I am doing that with everyone, who in one way
or the other was important to me;
I am thanking them for those precious memories.

You told me, “Well I don’t dream”
and then you added, “And I never remember the past”
“I live now in the moment, and don’t think of those days”
and you hung up with a quick “goodbye”

 How sad to see my mistake…and how wrong was I…
You had forgotten totally, those silky full moon nights…
and that’s when I realized…  you had already died,
that you were no longer alive.

Karima Hoisan
January 15, 2021
Costa Rica

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24 Responses to Dominical

  1. daleinnis says:

    Poignant and sad! It’s good that you’ve kept that part of your life, whatever it was that drove them to reject their entire past. What a thing to do!


  2. Yes..such a surprise..but then people are complicated and very different.. not everyone has to be a nostalgic poet:):) Thanks Dale for your comment and your take on it too:)


  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    Phew. Powerfully deep Karima. Elegant and beautifully written as always. It is interesting to reflect upon this notion of “only now,” as if the past can be in some way swept away with a brush stroke of denial. Hmm. Thank you for writing, and sharing your lovely poem. I will continue to reflect upon this one for a while. Be well, my friend. ❤️🙏

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    • Thank you Jeff, for this beautiful comment! Yes, I was so taken back at first, and almost incredulous; writing out this poem, helped me just accept it. As Seraphim says below, maybe I really never knew him, and that to me seems to be what happened. It has not stopped me from my plan to touch people, who were important to me in my life, men and women, who made a difference, made a memory. So far I have been very welcomed and accepted by them all…but this cowboy:) and he had just “moved on.”

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re welcome, Karima. Always my pleasure. Hmmm. Yes, I see. That is possible. I often wonder about this concept that Seraphim is writing about. That is, about knowing someone, especially for long periods of time, and then removing ourselves from them, either because we choose to, or they do, and then seeing them very differently. Were they that way when we were in relationship, and we just couldn’t see it, or did they change. I am recently out of a 20 year relationship, and I couldn’t see some of the destructive behaviours we had toward each other until removing myself from the context. It is interesting to ponder. Hmm. Anyway, what I have to say about the cowboy? His loss, as you are an inspiration, and do touch people every day. Have a lovely Sunday, Karima.

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    • Yes Jeff, the subject is interesting to say the least.. and I understand..sometimes only getting out of a relationship, helps us see it more objectively..from the outside looking in, is always a better view if we are the principal “actors” inside. Part of my philosophy is to believe every relationship good or bad, is a savings count..When it is over, why close the account? Keep collecting the interest, that can be your own growth and self knowledge, or even a fond friendship. Why just walk away..with this account still existing? In the end, even the bad relationships can give us good results *if we survive them! Thank you for all your wonderful feedback, and your generosity to take the time to leave it for me ❤️🤗🙏

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        Ah, yes, I like the savings account analogy, Karima. Very nice, and true. More reflection. Great insights, and conversation. You’re welcome. Always. Be well, my friend. ❤❤🙏😊

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  4. What always intrigues me in these situations, is that you realise that, not only do you not know that person, now, but you never really knew them, then, otherwise this would have been predictable. Do we ever ‘know’ anyone else? You can be in a relationship with someone for a decade, own homes, have children with them… then you break up and they start doing and saying things you never knew they could/would do or say… yet for that decade, you were certain you ‘knew’ them completely. People are, indeed, very complicated.

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    • Thank you so much Seraphim, for commenting on this poem..and as I mentioned to Jeff above, I think you might be right. We all project on to one another, the image we want to see…the more creative we are,( smiles) the more elaborate and possibly false projections we make. In the end what we are seeing living, loving, might not be at all what they are doing or feeling. It’s obvious now to me, that this is what happened, and as impossible as his reaction might be for me…I remembered it as a young girl, a poet even then, and he…well he was a cowboy:)

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  5. Simply beautiful a heartfelt poetry Karima 💐🙂🌷

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    • Thank you so much Shashank,for making this comment. It was heartfelt poetry, you are right and it helped me get over the disappointment of his reaction. A true story/poem and I was not sure how people would react, so thank you so much, for telling me you found it beautiful.

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  6. Hoyt says:

    Ohhh Miss Karima! This is cosmic! He doesn’t dream, and doesn’t remember the past because he’s gone! A concept we better embrace. A reminder to reach across the years and miles that are gone and let all know that they are in your thoughts and memories. Thank you!

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    • Aww thank you Hoyt, I think now, in mid pandemic, is such a good time to do that. I have had very good success with all who I found…but A. I have even talked to another cowboy friend from those early days, and we talked for an hour and he said, my phone call made him so very happy..soo…”You can’t please all of the people all of the time… or
      “I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours.” Bob Dylan said that:)
      “I guess if you don’t dream, there’s not much room for two.. I said that:)


  7. Diana says:

    What a lovely piece of poetry, Karima! Poignant, and profound. Glad you have shared this and you feel lighter I am very sure. Stay blessed my dear. Have a lovely day! ❤️❤️🤗💐😍😊

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  8. Full moon soon. A wolf moon

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  9. Ah. Heart breaking. Yet liberating in the end. Beautiful poem, Karima. All about the significance of being alive 🙂 Ever more relevant in these times…

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    • Thank you habeeby:) Yes, sadly very relevant and also a great lesson learned, that not everyone cherishes and keeps the same memories..even if we lived them together. What is memorable for forgettable for the other.. a hard lesson learned with this cowboy!:)🙏❤️

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