…But It’s Fine


…But It’s Fine

Oh… I’m sick all the time, did I mention that? Always sick

If sickness could be turned into a color chart…I am Green,

I have my Blue days, but only when I take my meds and write.

Blue days are the cool days, in my mellow flowing head space.

In Indigo I can stop the mundane thoughts of pain and soar.

In Green, I see the shadows on the walls but they mean nothing.

In Indigo, I see God’s camera lens playing with my waving palms

I can find the words, to write it down, going Indigo is where I love to be.

Orange and Red are headaches erupting behind my eyes, inert I breathe.

I’m full of unanswered question, eyes closed, short quick breaths; I see Dalí.

I can touch too far inside, yet powerless, I only hide, and float within insanity,

I’m not there today, with eyes wide open, I fall into Nature’s window frame.

I am grass and trees, and the birds make jokes about me, but I too can almost laugh.

Patiently, I hover over keyboard, the music lowers my resistance, now I’m forest Green.

If you were here, you’d watch me break into the biggest smile, the grateful child.

Indigo as colored glass, sparkling in the morning light, I am breathing easily; I’m back!

I find the words,  find the cure, that might only last as long as this poem… but it’s fine.

Karima Hoisan
March 3, 2021
Costa Rica


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25 Responses to …But It’s Fine

  1. daleinnis says:

    Moving and sad and lovely, even happy, touching at so many levels.
    Your life is unique, and your pains and challenges and triumphs.
    But we all have them, in all of their colors.
    And to get through life, we have to shrug our burdened shoulders and say,
    But It’s Fine.

    And it does help when someone else is nearby…

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    • Thanks Dale…as per your comment, I color edited the poem to read Indigo..all the way through.. You were probably right:) Well, you know my condition and you know it doesn’t define me..creativity is what defines me. I am limited in some wordly things..ahhh but not in creativity….I feel blessed and border-less, and my life is full. Really..it Is fine… I would not change my life with anyone!

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  2. Diana says:

    Oh this was a very moving piece, Karima. I hope all is well. I suppose since we all have our unique aches and pain, life works differently for each of us. I do hope for you to get well soon and may you be blessed always. Much love and hugs to you Habibti ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🙏💐🎁🌹🌹

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    • Thank you sweet habeebiti….I am fine..I have lived with this always..I never or rarely mention it.. so I thought I might today. Of course it does affect me, but as I said to Dale, does not define me. I have and am having a full life..just a bit limited..still so worth it.. Thank you for your concern, but don’t worry about me..as I said..”… it’s fine:)

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  3. Karima, I’m sorry you’re often in pain 😦 … is there a specific condition that causes this? (please just ignore my question if it’s too personal!)

    Regardless, FWIW, your poem is breathtakingly beautiful.


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    • Thank you David…I have Ehler Danlos Syndrome Type 111…from birth..It has affected my joints..various surgeries..and braces.. etc.. Could never run a marathon..but early on…I found poetry:) Now in midlife…there is a lot of pain, walking is challenging…but there are glorious sunsets too.

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      • Diana says:

        Today I have a new respect for you, Karima, and I am so proud to have met such a beautiful soul. You are an inspiration to me, seriously. Suddenly so many of your earlier posts make more achingly beautiful sense and I must go back and read them again. Stay blessed and safe, dear one. Much love to you❤️❤️🤗🤗🙏🌹🌹🎁

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      • Karima, thank you for sharing that with us. You know, I had a coworker many years ago who described a condition that she had which sounds very much like this – she described it to me in the context of the stretchiness of her skin and joints, which is just like what I’m reading about EDS on Wikipedia right now.

        I really respect you for taking such a positive attitude towards your life.


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    • You’re welcome David….I consider myself lucky even with the pain and dislocations..my life has been very wonderful….plus I do have an avatar that can run like the wind and never hurts:):)

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  4. Aww thank you so much Diana…I usually never write about it, because..well now it’s all just my normal and my normal has led me to have amazing experiences, loving people (like yourself) and also inspiring moments never to be forgotten… I felt like sharing my color coding for better or worse with my readers…Staying in that Indigo Blue is for me…the best place I can be:) Big hugs and thank you for this generous and loving comment.. your warm caring nature is so easily seen. ❤️🤗🙏❤️🌈💐

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  5. Jeff Flesch says:

    What a beautiful poem, Karima. I am continuously astonished at your creative verse, and seeing more of you through your words today, am even more inspired and honored to know you, my friend. A lovely, lovely, poem. ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Oh Jeff, thank you! You are such a support and inspire my poetry…I can’t thank you enough for that. I too feel the same, I’m very honored to know, to read you and to exchange thoughts and ideas with you….I guess we have a win/win here:):) Thank you dear poetic friend. 🙏❤️🤗🌹🌟

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        Of course, you are most welcome! Always, always, Karima. Oh, thank you, my dear friend. Ah, yes, a win/win for sure, like a mirror. Lovely. 🙏😊💕🤗❤️


  6. “The cure, that might only last as long as this poem… but it’s fine.”
    Lovely! There you brushed those chords with your slender fingers again, Karima, fingers so skillful. What a rainbow you’ve painted there, my friend. Loved it.
    Keep inspired. Stay blessed. :))

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  7. I think it’s my story……same thinking style…..!

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  8. Beautiful 😍 poem and image. Greetings 🖖

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  9. Thank you Brisa…and greetings to you too:):) I appreciate your comment very much! 🙏 🤗


  10. This is exceptional. Very very very well done. And love the way you use colors. And I’m sick all the time, too, so it really grabbed me.

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    • Thank you Benjamin and smiles at you knowingly…There are a lot of us out there:) and yet. we live and we write and for my part am grateful for it all… Glad you like my color code..it helps to not “complain” too much when someone asks, “how are you today?” You can say red and they will say, “hope you feel better” Then you can talk about something else more interesting:)

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      • It’s an interesting way to think about the world and pain. And I hope you have more good days ahead than tough ones. Gratitude is something to hold on to (I agree). You’re strong and I love coming by to read your words!

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  11. Thank you so much Benjamin…this means a lot to me, and helps me stay strong…when sometimes I forget how:)


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