Please play this music so you will see how it totally transported me and inspired my poem:)


Crino- lin- lin -line!
Puffs your sleeves like shoulder clouds as you weave in and out…
Dancing tight and light, twirling like colorful sand devils
around the park  or the gymnasium….
It’s Mexico..It’s Brooklyn, It’s an Albanian Wedding Party; its wherever your mind goes with this music, that dances you out of your daily death rattle…
your boring modern moment.
Your espresso, 3 -decker sandwich, 15 minute coffee breaks..
Stuff it in your face and dream of parading hands held high around the floor

No… no…no… no more!!

Put on your Crin- o- lin- lin- line!
Bells and bodices, wrapped in silk belts and layer after layer…
Embroidered  tassled vests, graceful booted feet in velvet….
Ahhhhh swoon with me!
This beat is playing our song… whirling skirts of purple orange and green

Starch a white shirt, grab a black vest,
white pants with embroidered cuffs and run out the door.

Hold that beauty in scarf and headdress and swing her around the floor
Go back in time..when just dancing could keep you alive…
Kick out!  Shout out!!.. flashing all those smiles of pretty pearly white.

Remember your youth? Promise me you won’t forget this Brass section…
That carries you between Mexico and the Bronx, between Brooklyn and
The Adriatic and Ionian Sea in Mariachi style in the most beautiful  ironic harmony…
Dance it with me…Hold me tight…
Swirl me and twirl me.. I am what you are feeling against you…
a rotating energy that lights up your night.

You want to know me when I have my spark inside?
Dance and sing along… Crino-lin-lin-line

Is this not the music, the golden elixir we were waiting for?
To lift our souls from the shadow of the plague and sing our praises,
that we are still alive…
but weep openly and copiously our tears,
for those who no longer and never will again…dance by our side?

When Death comes to me, just let me die on this brass rift; lift me high as we all snake down the street led in some hybrid Tirana-Conga dance.
I go so happily all the way to my tomb, carried on this song,
as day’s end is descending, over the Adriatic Sea.

Karima Hoisan
May 23, 2021
Costa Rica

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24 Responses to Crino-lin-lin-line

  1. Ace says:

    “Is this not the music, the golden elixir we were waiting for?” – this piece of yours is the golden elixir of joy I was waiting for!! 😉 So well written and pairs perfectly with the music, magically done!!!! You’re such a truly talented writer, the emotion in each of your lines is truly palpable!!! Keep shining and inspiring, my friend 🖤🤗

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    • Awww thank you Ace!!! This is what I felt, listening to this song:) and as soon as I heard it (was a song playing in credits:) I knew I had to track it down, for it held a poem inside..a crazy one, like I don’t usually write:) I found it, played it on loop and the words started to flow. Thank you for feeling the magic and the joy. I am so happy I could convey that to you..but then of course…you have the sensitive, receptive soul….of a poet:):) ❤️🤗🌹

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      • Ace says:

        How cool!!!! What a zone you must’ve gotten into!!! I literally do the same thing sometimes, so I totally get the feeling!!! Music and writing go well together! Awwww, much credit goes to you 🤗🖤. Always a pleasure reading your fabulous work!!!!

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    • Oh is my biggest primer for going into that zone!! I may be inspired by other forms of Art, especially visual but music holds me in that place (the zone you wrote so well about) and allows me to write it:) Hugs Ace

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  2. daleinnis says:

    That’s amazing, I feel suddenly and astonishingly reminded of what all the 15 minutes coffee breaks and quotidian worries were for in the first place: we are doing it all just so we can have the time for the layers of crinoline and the sequins, the crazy music and the banquet table, the laughing and dancing.

    But we forget that, and everything becomes pointless. Until some poet reminds us!

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    • Oh Dale….I must have touched you, as this is one of your longest comments..Ever!!! Thank you for being with me (virtually) through the whole process of trying to find this music haha. It was a two-day sojourn:) And I even said last night after finding it…”Now. let’s see what poem this music wants to write.. I am as surprised as you…but smiling gratefully, that you loved it too:)


  3. What an unbelievable piece; it’s filled with happiness and beauty. It screams youth. It’s your talent that brings all those things to life. You are exceptional.

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  4. Oh Gabriela, is thank you enough? I don’t think so, but your words have left me wordless.. Yes It’s youth exuberance, passion for life… You heard it scream!! but I feel all of that is in you too!!! My dear Gabriela, you are the exceptional poet…and I am shining now in your inspiring comment.
    Thank you!🙏❤️🌟


  5. Music can really uplift us and this poem does as well. Great line: “To lift our souls from the shadow of the plague and sing our praises”. And I love how the poem tells the reader to join along: “Ahhhhh swoon with me!” Strong ending. This is written from the inner depths of the heart. Beautiful!

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    • Oh yes, so true Ben! I was a little down and this music made me dance and feel joy:) I tried to capture that whole flow..maybe not in one stream…but several, that in the end, did fit together and flow into each other.. Oh yes..I wanted everyone to join in, feel the positive power of a simple song, full of energy and beauty. Thank you my friend for entering this poem…Yes, it comes from the very depths of me. I think only my muse, even realized, this one was important for me to bring up and write it.


      • It gave me joy right away from hearing it, and it was night to listen to alongside of your beautiful words. Glad you had it in the post. And I hope you can have more positive moments. Keep letting your muse guide you; I don’t think it will ever lead you astray.

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  6. menubar says:

    Cool tune, great poem. Albanian Mariachi music! I tried to jam along with it, but I had some difficulty playing the maracas and accordion at the same time.

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    • Haha Buddeh, if anyone can play that Combo…you can!! Thanks for introducing me to this show (What We Do In The Shadows) I have found some great music in their credits..Hugss and glad you approved!


  7. This is so cool 😎 both the music 🎶 and your poetry 😍 💐

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  8. You are welcome, and yeah the music is so cool tempting me to dance 💃👯🕺🙃 have a good time Karima 💐

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  9. That is so amazing!!! Karima, I adore this wonderful poem. I was right there with you, my dear friend, emotions and all.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…

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    • Awww Rosie!! I can see you dancing with us all:) So glad you loved the energy and the exuberance it sparked in me to write this poem Greetings back to you from Costa Rica Rosie….. Swings you around:):)

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  10. Hoyt says:

    Simply beautiful Miss Karima. Your words evoke an excitement that actually makes one want to dance even not hearing music. A word magician is what you are!

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  11. Jeff Flesch says:

    Oh my, Karima, what a lovely creation. Full of passion, joy, love, hope, and connection. I adore this piece, and the accompanying musical ensemble (beautiful and magical, by the way). They go together perfectly. Love, love, it! ❤️🤗🙏💕🌸

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    • Wow Jeff! I can tell you really felt I did..It just took me by surprise the first time I heard it and about 2 weeks to find out what it was called..but I was insistent, because I KNEW it had a poem inside that if hearing the song in a loop would help it be born…and it was:):) So thrilled you loved the whole and poem!! Now swing your partner and feel alive!!

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  12. That’s just perfect!!!❤️🤗

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