You and The Moon

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You and The Moon
For U.

24 hours and counting down,
before the next full moon,
I find myself clinging to the “i’s”
and crossing the “t’s.”
The wind is a flute,
that plays from every direction,
the poppy fields wave in the breeze;
living life inside a poem,
is almost always beautiful
and almost always lonely.

If there were someone else to share this with,
I doubt that I’d be writing.
Instead, I would be tracing our figures in the shadows,
upon the castle wall,
walking with you holding hands,
the desert air so sterile and clean,
like fluorescent sheets in the moonlight,
blowing on the line.
Not one cloud to disturb
this moon,
this mood,
this moment
of pure love.

Poetry is just poor company,
a stand -in,
a rebounding second best.
Although it’s true my blood runs through each verse;
where is the harmony?
There’s no one now to share my breath,
I just breathe each one to stay alive
I take each step, to put a little distance
between me and your untimely death.
Nine years now and still you ask for one more poem
in a field of red flowers with the moon on high,
What can I do?….but acquiesce.

Old tears,
that have already been cried,
have no place running down my cheeks.
Go save them in big books
of pressed flowers,
that stale smell of faded perfumed lace.
Even if you are but a memory,
some nights, like this,
bring you back to the living-side.
It is never my idea…
I have done well enough without you;
no, its always you and the moon,
who start it all over again.

Karima Hoisan
July 22, 2021
Costa Rica

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21 Responses to You and The Moon

  1. daleinnis says:

    Amazing… what it is like to live in a poem. You make this deep stuff so relatable! Thank you.

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    • Smiling like a full moon…thank you know one little line was floating in my head for days, but timing for the muse, is everything..Wow thank you so much for saying that…I love to think I can make it relatable to others..🙏🌹🦋


  2. KK says:

    Mind-blowing verses and superb imagery like ‘wind is a flute’ and ‘blood runs through each verse’! I can feel the love and emotions here, full of power and deep reflections. And ‘..big books of pressed flowers’ is so relatable. You are an amazing poet, Karima! Well penned 👌💖💐🙏

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    • Oh Kaushal, you are so sensitive and perceptive my talented poetic friend… You know being read by poets is so interesting…In my case just knowing that alone, makes me strive to really say, what is not that easy to say. I mean, poetry is the perfect medium to try and sketch the unsketchable… and yet when a fellow poet ( one that I also admire) tells me I succeeded….smiles well that feels so wonderful…Happy Friday and thank you for your beautiful words…I am humbled 🙏🌹🤗🌕

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      • KK says:

        You are welcome, Karima. I think you have a special way of writing, that makes you Karima. You have aptly stated, ‘Sketch the unsketchable’. I fully endorse it. I also feel that the feeling is of prime importance in poetry. Have a great weekend 🎉☺️💐🙏

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  3. Ace says:

    Wow Karima, this is simply outstanding…I have no words!! It’s truly so breathtakingly beautiful. The flow, the imagery and the emotion is palpable. I felt so connected to your words – and that’s the work of a very talented writer!!! I always love the magical depth your poems are full of…every time I read your work, it’s as if I get to go on an adventure. So thank you for all the dreamy adventures! Keep shining and being beautifully YOU 🤗🖤


  4. Aww thank you Ace, poet, friend and amazing reviewer:):) I so appreciate your comments.. That you can feel the flow and the emotion is so cool:):) and thank you somuch for your assessment of me as a writer:) It truly means a lot and you know how much I love your poetry too..I love how your mind works and you always find the words to put me in your poem…so happy to take you on an adventure…You have taken me on many from space to the sea and all in between:):) Big Hugs and Be Blessed and in your multi- colored creative zone!!❤️🤗❤️🌹🌊🌕🌈

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  5. I was about to miss this. It’s so beautiful. Your words take the reader beyond this reality.

    “Nine years now and still you ask for one more poem
    in a field of red flowers with the moon on high,
    What can I do?”

    You have my heart Karima.

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  6. Jeff Flesch says:

    Stunning, Karima. I love the reminiscence, sadness, and peaceful tranquility in realization. I adore this work, as I do all of your work, my dear friend. ❤🤗✨🦋🙏

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    • Thank you so much Jeff..I always wonder when I post a poem, what you might think of it…and with this one, I felt you might like it a lot as you too are very much a romantic…a nostalgic, and a ponderer of your past. I am so pleased that you did:) Happy Weekend my friend🤗❤️🌹🙏🌟🌈

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  7. Diana says:

    I don’t know why but your poems always seem to soothe my heart. It’s amazing how you talk of life and death in one piece, but it still is so beautiful. I loved the ending alot! Stay blessed and keep penning my dear❤️🤗✨💐😘🙏

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    • Thank you habeebity and so sorry I am just seeing your comment today.. Nostalgic moments like this, for me, do have that sweet/sour feeling of sadness and joy..and yes Life and Death in the same poem…is just a another part of Life..Thank you dearest for your enjoyment of my moon struck memories… Stay blessed too Always..inshallah🙏❣️❤️🌟🙏🤗

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  8. jonicaggiano says:

    This is a piece that paints a picture that literally takes me off my porch and into your canvas. I remember white sheets hanging out to dry at my aunts house and how beautiful I thought they were.

    A poem which is incredibly beautiful although it shares a deep loss with us. I am so sorry. Your poetry your partner, that which takes you away.

    “upon the castle wall,
    walking with you holding hands,
    the desert air so sterile and clean,
    like fluorescent sheets in the moonlight,
    blowing on the line.
    Not one cloud to disturb“

    Such a visual. Thanks for sharing this amazingly provocative poem.

    Love, hugs and blessings to you Karima.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh Joni, thank you! Thank you for stepping into my poetry like in a dream, like in a painting..You can do that, because of your sensitive, very visual talent for allowing words to manifest in total scenes…You do this so easily in your own beautiful poetry..and it is why you can step into my poetic scenes so easily too.. Yes this was a great great love of ways platonic, but a daring and undeniable romance. I thought I had stopped writing about her years ago…but I know now, that will never be true.. Thank you so deeply, for feeling my poetry in the way you do..and for letting me know in these comments that lift my heart and inspire me to never question again…why I am still writing about her…so many years later:) You do more than comment…you totally connect and you feel…you have no idea how that makes me feel!! ❤️❤️🤗🤗🙏🌹

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      • jonicaggiano says:

        You are so very welcome. I am so sorry about your friend. I still write about my first love and I probably always will. Your writing is beautiful and it is a gift. It was a wonderful tribute. I think you are right about the sensitivity. So glad we met. Looking forward to listening to your next piece.

        Love, hugs and blessings dear Karima. ❤️🤗😘Joni

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  9. Much love and hugs to you dear poet too ❤️🤗🙏


  10. This is heartbreaking, sad, and so full of love and longing. It’s incredible, Karima. And crafted so exceptionally. The length for it is perfect. A story and poem wrapped in one. Wow! Amazed!

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  11. Aww thank you Ben, for your sensitivity to allow yourself to feel the longing and love coming from my pen.I never thought about it in this way, but you are right…it IS a story and a poem. Thanks again dear poetic friend for your inspiring words on this one, that is very personal for me.🙏❤️🌕🌹


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