I like your castles
and your coffee;
sometimes your poems
make me cry.
I’m always glad to see,
another memory
Your children’s art work
lives inside my eyes
your amazing poetry
lives inside of me!

You’re good with words,
great lists & categories.
Your photos, paintings,
videos come alive
I read your quotes,
your recipes
and scary stories;
thanks to you, I’ve made lures
and organic dirt to fertilize

I have felt so close to you
your grief your fear
your honesty…
I nod my head and say yes yes yes,
I’ve been there too.
I know we’ll never meet
because you live so far away,
but you showed me another life,
and better things to do.
I so admire your travelogues,
your funny blogs,
your way of making rice,
your photographs of mountaintops
new home-remedies for lice.

I never thought I’d make a friend
in Jerusalem!
Who knew I’d be exchanging thoughts on
Death & Life..,
with people in India, South Africa,
Seattle Washington,
or hearing a song I’d forgotten long ago,
that truly made my night .

I love your Likes and Comments
on my poems
They inspire, make me smile,
and Go “Weeeeeee”
Here on WordPress is
my own little family nest
I love Following you..
thank you for Following me!

Karima Hoisan
August 19, 2021
Costa Rica

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19 Responses to Following

  1. Diana says:

    Oh wow!! Habibti! This was just so heartwarming! I love the way you started the poem and the ending put this huge smile on my face! I feel like you wrote this for all your followers, including me.. 🤗🤗 I’m grateful for you my dear! Stay blessed and keep your muse always nestled softly in your beautiful verses❤️❤️🤗✨☺️🌹

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  2. Aww sweet Diana..of course you are in there.. very much so:):) 🤗 Yes I wrote this for everyone I read on WordPress on a daily or weekly basis.. I follow many different kinds of blogs, but of course, poetry is my soft spot:) I am very grateful to have you in my WordPress life…I love your poetry (as you know) and I am so happy to have gotten a chance to read and know it here, Stay blessed habeebity and creative…and full of love!!❤️🤗🙏🌹🌟🦋❣️

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  3. This is truly authentic and heart warming and it certainly made me smile. I’m sure many of us can relate. Well done for writing gold ❤️👏

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  4. daleinnis says:

    Haha, love it! I’m glad you’ve found such a nice community there; well deserved. And a great tribute to them.

    Weblogs >> Facebook! 🙂

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    • Haha Dale Weblogs Sí Facebook No:) Yes after ONLY 10 years !!! I discovered we have a great community here… Love my WordPress fellow bloggers,,,we are a humbly elite group pf creatives and inventives🌟


  5. Ace says:

    Awwww Karima, this is such a sweetly crafted poem!!! I was smiling so big reading every line! You captured all the feels of this WordPress community and its magic! And the gratitude flowing throughout is palpable! This piece can’t help but brighten one’s day!!! I feel very blessed to have you not only in my WordPress experience, but in my life. And to connect with you is such a gift! Keep spreading your beautiful light, love you ✨🖤🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    • Love and blessings back to you dearest Ace…ironically I was just over at your blog enjoying your latest post.I think we might have pushed the Post Comment button at the same time:):) So happy to have you in my life to Ace..This little poem, was a love letter to all of those I enjoy reading.. I can seriously say I have learned to much in the last year of my 11 years. by opening myself up to the community:) Love you too beautiful🌟🦋❤️🤗

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      • Ace says:

        I know, I had the same thought! I think we were perfectly in sync commenting on each other’s posts! Wow 11 years, that’s amazing. You truly are an inspiration! I’ve been here almost a year, and have learned so so much already. This community is a blessing in many ways, I appreciate you shining a light on it! Big Hugs 🥰🤗🖤

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  6. Smiling..we certainly were in sync at this moment🤗 Thank you for being such a talented, inspiring, and active part of the community..I’m so glad we met!!!❣️


  7. KK says:

    Wow! Such a beautiful poem, that too devoted to well read readers of this elite group. I’m happy to be one of them. You are right, Karima, it’s such a diverse group with one goal. My love and blessings to you and other readers as well. A big ‘thank you’ 😊😘🤗💐💖


  8. Wow, Karima – you’re right! I did miss this one, somehow… that’s so SWEET – thank YOU!


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  9. Poetry lines are limited, words are limited but matter behind the poetry is very large.

    I love you poetry ☺☺☺

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  10. Hoyt says:

    This is lovely Miss Karima! One of the beauties of the modern world. Being able to reach out and live someone you’ll never see. You have reached so many people this way. You say it well!


  11. jonicaggiano says:

    This is such a lovely piece about your incredible caring heart for those you meet on line. It is a beautiful tribute my dear Karima. I know what you mean it is like an extended family or for some a good deal of their family. Such a kind thing to write. Sending you lots of love and thoughts of your kind heart. Love you, Joni


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