My Poem, “Happenstance of Fate” on Spillwords Press


I’m very happy to announce, that my latest, poem, “Happenstance of Fate,”
is now available
on Spillwords Press.
This is my 8th poem accepted to be published on their wonderful site,
I am grateful to Dagmar K. and her editing team for once again choosing my poem for publication.

Happenstance of Fate

Maybe I planted a seedling without knowing I did or why.
How fertile was the untouched ground, how blue the sky!
Could it be that the wind was not in err or just mistaken,
when it carried that little pip to take root alone, forsaken?

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I appreciate your support❤️

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29 Responses to My Poem, “Happenstance of Fate” on Spillwords Press

  1. Harshi says:

    Congratulations! Loved the origin of the idea and how you summed it up so well in the last stanza by connecting it with art.

    Karima, you truly are an artist!

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  2. Linda Bass says:

    How wonderful!

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  3. Awww, thank you beautiful:)🌹

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  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    Ah, what a wondrous way to start my morning. As the heart opens the door to all becomes known. A knowing that at times is painful, and then pleasant, all the while aliveness envelops. “Even flood gates open tears if too much awe’s allowed,
    The young seed grows with every burst of the heart’s rain cloud.” Reminiscent for me of the transformation possible as the heart opens. Lines that are exquisite in their creation and awe as they are experienced.
    “Ah, he seems to be painting a still-life as he sits patiently to wait
    for this singular bloom to finally flower his happenstance of fate.” Surrender speaks to me here, the understanding that all is delivered just as it is supposed to be, even when, at times, we are resistant. I adore this poem, Karima. It speaks to my heart by tying together nature with our own inner worlds, which is such a gift to us all, and to me, a real treat. Gorgeous poetry, my dear friend. Congratulations!🙏❤️🤗🌹🌻

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    • Oh Jeff!! You overwhelm me with feeling…your interpretation (once again and Always) thrills me and makes me see how you climb inside my poetry and live there, reporting back:) what you see…what you feel..It’s just a singular gift you have to really see and interpret a poet’s inner thoughts and desires that they hope, someone will see. You always do, dear Jeff. Thank you my friend for loving this quirky poem, that my muse was insistent I write *smiles..I woke up with the title on my lips…and then, there was no going back. Thank you my special poet friend, for seeing me so clearly and being so supportive of my poetry.🙏❤️🤗🌹🦋💃🏻🌟

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        Ah! It delights me to read you, Karima. Always. I am always delivered a way into your words, and what comes is that reflection. It is such a wonderful experience. One I am honored to share with you, my dearest friend, as you are with me. Always. Oh, and I so know about this, “that my muse was insistent I write *smiles..I woke up with the title on my lips…and then, there was no going back.” This made me smile deeply. You’re most welcome! Have a blessed weekend.🙏🤗❤️🌹✨💫🌻

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  5. You too Jeff, have a great weekend and I am sure your muse does the same tricks at times…to get you involved:)🦋

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  6. Awesome news, Congratulations, Karima

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  7. KK says:

    Congratulations, Karima! What a gorgeous poem. Loved the very concept of this poem.👌💐❤️🙏

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  8. daleinnis says:

    Congratulations (yet again!) and a lovely verse. We’re all casting seeds onto fertile ground, if only we’re open and aware enough to recognize it.

    “How fertile was the untouched ground, how blue the sky!”


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    • Thank you Dale for your beautiful comment. I so agree,, openness and surrender are two ingredients to nurture the beginnings..Also helps to have no expectations..just gratitude for anything that blooms…All is a gift from The Artist:)

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  9. Navin says:

    Dear Karima, many congratulations…another poem at Spillwords…what a breathtaking piece you’ve written…every single line is so deep…the conscious & sub-conscious knowing I sense…the intuitive knowing & the knowing through the pain…surrendering & embracing to whatever is coming your way…by being open, aware & mindful…there’s always a deeper meaning why things happen…what kind of seeds we plant…& the type of seeds we ourselves are…the connections we make…the Artist knows it all…beautifully expressed by you 💫

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    • Dearest Navin..thank you my friend for these beautiful words…and yes..I agree I agree with all you say and see here. The Artist does know everything….our part in life is to trust and yes surrender to this truth..You bring up a good point..what kind of seeds are we? I think only the Artist can say:) In any case..the journey.. the anticipation itself is worth being a little patient.. Thank you for your continuing support and for your congratulations too:)

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      • Navin says:

        You’re very welcome, Karima…True, only the Artist can say about what kind of seeds we are…but we must atleast put our effort in growing under light & darkness…with love & compassion…just a thought…

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  10. I love this! Congratulations, Karima!

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  12. Such a beautiful poem Karima and congratulations to you! I’m heading there now.. better late than never! 💖

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  13. Yes, I love following with email but sometimes they don’t arrive and the Reader, must be eagle-eyed daily as it changes so fast:):) Thank you again for your wonderful comment on Spillwords too:):)


  14. Congrats yet again! This is splendid!


  15. jonicaggiano says:

    This is so lovely and powerful. Full of exquisitely placed metaphors and such visuals my friend. I certainly put my star there I don’t know how I missed this. It sounds so very familiar. I send you my love and an apology for my late star. Love you Karima. ❤️🤗🦋🙏Joni

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    • Ohh no apologies please..anytime is a wonderful time to hear from have you read me.. Hugs.. Fate is like this for me…when we least expect it…a seed sprouts and maybe only the Great Artist can paint what it will be when it blooms:) Love you Joni…Hope you are doing fine ❤️🤗🌹💐❣️

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  16. and you are always in mine dearest Joni…much love and good thoughts for you always🤗❤️🦋


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